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'cause I'm only Sony liked was cranes in the sky and that some were Gucci. Mane's right those are actually like I. I didn't run into anybody. That didn't like the way I was could. They won't tell you that one when it first came out it was not a big hit with a lot of people already salons fan. Yeah well do cosmic journey as McCain refused to use that word but either but either way either way like that album was not an instant hit those two songs with songs that were all over social media our remember when it came out because everybody was like. Oh this is her weed smoking album. This is what this is her experimental album. That's what everybody says. But that's just how it goes. Nobody wants to claim. No nobody everyone and I I set with it when it first came out. Oh and I listened to it. It's a good cause that came out during the same year. I don't I don't I don't think I don't. I don't think it it. Hold the test of time. I don't think so. I think the song crane sky a song. I'm talking about now owners. Yeah because it's all over commercials. Yeah but I mean I think that's the launch has that out and put her in over tax bracket at a different. It's put her in a different audience and made the different audience. Be 'cause she's always making music like that this one. This album was a little bit more and This was different from her first album. 'cause you and you know what because remember the album before that when she made that song where that's what she had that Song will love is in the parking lot volved at fucking Song Love. That's on down. Allan Simmons is nothing links here at the table now. It doesn't nothing like more Texas. This is more like Texas swing type. It was very she knows how to make a blackout on. This is like Texas because remember I decided it was not a super popular black song. Even I love. It wasn't so popular. Black people doesn't fire fire Tony's fire s on but anyway though like those are the love of the Department of Dementia come out in this take. It did. Didn't it. Yeah it definitely did. That's always still fire to be. COSMIC JOURNEY IS GONNA be rough every song because blouse on it. I like blow kiss. These is cool. He's cool he is out. He's like don't him. I mean well for for me for me. I don't I don't think outside of like I said it'd be onto Riana. I don't think anybody has been as consistent. We'll put out great albums back to back at McGill this decade. I have to agree with four. 'cause I want to say I want to say and which I was. Strictly aren't we usher. Usher Venar declined. This past ten years has been ridiculous. I don't know I mean he didn't drop some singles. May he got that. That's all floating around with elementary view. Yeah he has angles but he didn't do that the two thousand ten for me was the decline of Ushers Music The decline was was it. Raymond for instance. Raymond came out in two thousand nine hundred and they had no mar here. I stand here I stand here are saying and they had four good songs he he had that heart that statute the one with hard to. Yeah Yeah Today was my baby was mush. It was my baby. Fire Air Muses Fi. Their baby is a fire on trade. No train and places is my favorite song on now. I will say this much our our respect that. That's a good song. That's not my favorite ever. But that's a great falls. This is my favorite song of all time. I would probably have to say that. Oh I I just the way that he come into this. There is one person who is my partner who people always forget sleep. That's slept on and he literally toward for David. Ten years with one album trey songz already. He toward for almost ten years for that one that he's GonNa be ready can't say he ready with a kid son will be eighteen years old. He's still going to be his next. I'm going to be so ready. I'm ready still ready. We ready we own ready already. Ready Trey Songz. Still touring with that one fucking al.. Let's just be clear that was bob. Fire Alloway this is the painting of this right. He's but that it was. You know what you came for. That is fun. I mean two thousand hand because you had really out getting a you know what the fuck are part of. It was mostly hip hop so everything got outshined like BJ. Jj Chicago K.. One hundred fourteen. Nothing was a math project Fire than his first album. I was like all right this last album crazy. Eleven seven thirty we forget about somebody that still well. He wasn't well. Mario put on music. He did he. His last one was all right now. How long let me see you know who made a resurgence? But I'm still not a fan of ood Sammy. Well he's been doing this thing though he's been saying. Oh Shit Shit we forget this mixed mixed wise though Omori put out the care package. He sure did take care of you. Remember package that care packages palm. Maria area was an inelastic has go go with a good what he had album this year. I know dancing shadows. It was not that great. I'm sorry just had a couple of them Ellie. Three songs For me but in this past decade there are so many new people like you Luke James who finally got his his cheyne row James was fire. You got always forgot about Arianna Guerande deny you probably did not. Didn't every Auto Grenada had had a really good art pop artist. She is thank you they her but she got some cheers. Amis Voice Wiz she. Does she still a pop artist. Jesse Jacob blow out the One Jessie J Jessica Jacob Law. Jessie J's Used you saw her singing that Luther Vandross Asong doesn't you of the Luther Luther Luther Luther the luther zone do I see. It's funny because I actually came up with that thought. I say you know every time I do Karaoke I'm GonNa do Luther Home Loofah Lusa Luther Vandross Song Oh my God. It's just so many albums that came out in two thousand ten. I can dream the dream of a lot of people like him for. He came onto them. Yes he did. I don't like him. He's a great writer. He's a great fucking writer writer. He's a great. You know who's slipped up in two thousand ten Cheese she did yes. She heard live albums. Really good when we're now like two thousand seven eight dailies album. Those who way it came out onto thousands of very good our. But that's my point right there like people always people are always going crazy now. Don't get me wrong. Hip Hop is is great rapids. Great we can't forget about his albums actually she could eat him. It was actually. I won't say that I think I think he's I think his album was a little overrated. Why I feel God thing so you won't beat me up to? I don't know why you should have to knock can't wear tend not utilize tough. No Damn sign you threatening me. There's audio on this thereby GonNa Threaten Me Shit There there. There's definitely been a resurgence of the past. Ten years and I cannot wait into jagged drops out next year also fucking off right something. y'All they all fought him back together. They I'm containing watch cognitive jail safe and sound with his beard with cocoa board with cocoa butter in it. You're I'm telling you sign. Twenty twenty is is going to start an amazing decade of RB. Oh got about Lou Jane. I said that you said Luke James Luke James. The one with the hands Dan. That was the one with the different colors. That's his only album. Everything else everything is mixed tapes. They mix as I was introduced. Him Get you all talk that you need to hear. That's that's where the money is and then got back wows. He has come out in two thousand seventeen. I did actually did like his own. Good I mean it was good in my opinion. Well guess what we got a minute left..

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