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Good sunday afternoon to you welcome in wisconsin sports weekend here on wtmj my name is matt paulie i have you for about forty minutes or so taking you till twelve forty five as we will lead you straight into coverage of milwaukee brewers baseball they're wrapping up their series today against the chicago cubs hoping to salvage a game of the fourgame series things have not gone well for the brewers in this series in terms of wins and losses you can certainly look at some things namely pitching and find some things that have gone well but all that really matters is whether there's a w or an l next to your name at the end of the game and so far against the cubs this year a lot more else for the brewers than ws as they sit with a one six record against the cubs four games at miller park earlier this year and the three games so far at wrigley field and just one win for the brewers we'll get a lot more into brewers baseball coming up later on in the program including the big news of the day i'll i'll tell you this right off the top and we'll get into kind of the ramifications of it later on the program wade miley is going to be activated to the brewers roster he is going to move into the starting rotation they're going to have to clear a spot on the twenty five man roster and the forty man roster forum and brent suter is going to be moved to the bullpen what does that look like who might be out of a job i've got my thoughts on that and we'll pass that along to you coming up at about twelve thirty but before that i wanna talk basketball because the season comes to an end yesterday for the box in game seven of the.

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