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With el Paso's newsradio six ninety K. T. S. M. however elections important but the one in twenty twenty if we turn hard left to the Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Corey Parker Kamel Harris Democratic Party with increase taxes on everyone including the middle class confiscating guns no borders free medical care for the world's seven billion human beings free tuition abolishing private insurance companies we're done let's continue now we have a let's go to Jeff in Dayton Ohio and then our third in San Diego Jonathan Dayton welcome the bill Cunningham show Jeff go ahead there are you know what you said earlier in the previous hour about house state Sir you'll conservative states are being turned power pole then blue when people from California New York we from them and bring their politics and we also mentioned about taxes in danger of turning purple and blue or you know what's known as Californication or New York cation let me offer a three step plan for conservative state no conservative or moderate to approach them back when gently I'm I'm gonna write it down and I want those the millions listening in taxes to pay attention Jeff go ahead you got a minute and a half go ahead okay stop one employment passim implement constitutional scary to employ and this will be a little harder employment a by the tax credit marksmanship and then during that wait a year well wait a year six months after the dust settles and then this will be hard a little bit harder we'll all be a lot harder a sales tax waiver and around costumers sounds to me like you believe in the second amendment and so if the federal government under camallo Harris wants to come and seize your weapons and I you know you might have you might issue an objection rob go ahead make my day because Cory Booker maintains that there needs to be a Hey turn back program for those who have guns to the federal government and for those who don't want to turn in their weapons it's time for other procedures to be used what does that mean all morning yeah come on and try Jeff thank you for your call I let's continue coming up next to be Arthur and San Diego then calls from Indianapolis in California in Cape coral Florida many other places have line becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven and to me it's incredible to watch I think the destruction of the modern Democratic Party not following the dictates of Obama or Clinton when it comes to legal migration from the third world into America but some sort of socialist idea the words which will play later on again of Clinton and Obama fifty four square within the immigration policies of president Donald J. trump so what you're gonna hear from Obama and from Clinton you're gonna hear from trump they're the same thing but trump is a racist for advocating the policies followed by Obama and by William Jefferson Clinton so the Democratic Party for sixteen years had.

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