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Slash open tech but those talks pulled back dragging the s p 500 from a record after a week report on retail sales feel concern about the economy federal reserve officials forged ahead with an entrance straight increase and additional plans to tighten monetary policy despite growing concerns over weak inflation thing racer benchmark interest rate for the third time in six months the dow industrial average rose forty six points a quarter percent to close at a record twenty one thousand three hundred seventy four sp five hundred down two points a tenth of a percent at twenty four thirty seven the nasdaq fell twenty five point four tenths of a percent enclosed at sixty one ninety four west texas intermediate crude oil down a dollar seventyfive of barrel three point eight percent to forty four seventy one spectral down five dollars twenty sense he answer twelve 63 forty 10year treasury up twenty four thirty seconds with a yield of two point twelve 56 and that's a bloomberg business splash already carolyn curry this is your bloomberg real estate report i'm to these pellegrini people are doing a better job of paying their mortgage on time that's after default rates peaked in two thousand nine in twenty tenant the highest rate since the great depression frank know taft his chief economist at core logic can create now for the most serious if the lincoln borrowers are the lowest certainly seen in about ten years and no tough says there's an even more promising development a group of card homeowners who from falling one month behind third delinquent cohen too low level that we report quoted super league january of two thousand good karlovic says delinquency rates are lowest in matches like denver seattle and portland wear.

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