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Gift me fifteen hundred dollars for for the wedding of my dreams while this like, have you did you hear about this? So it ended up not happening like basically some people did supporter that could afford the fifteen hundred bucks. But essentially she didn't have enough guests are s VPN sent her money. So it was like this, just this social media tyrant on how all of her friends and family their pieces of garbage and how no one really cares about her and how you know it's not allowed to ask for fifteen hundred bucks. I would have thought that you guys would hurt about this. It was. It's been all over the news, really. It's crazy, but I mean, I don't understand. I don't understand media blocks anything that has the word Khor dash. Mine you unusually those two. I guess that's what really. That's why I wanted to talk about it is because you know, we have this society where head involves a lot of reality TV and you know, you can look at this with sex to like how there are these. Life's that are presented to us that makes us feel like, oh, if we're not doing life this way that we're not doing it right in the same thing could be said with sex to, I think like, you know, porn is one of those things where like I don't have anything against porn, but there is, you know, some porn where it's like that is it is, will most porn is staged. It is not, you know, not normally how a couple is going to make love sometimes. Yes, but that's not like the that's not the way that one should be doing in in. And I guess I'm just speaking to the just the dangers of maybe reality TV or even like comparing ourselves to others. I just wanted to to get your guys take. I mean, that's absolutely insane, right? I mean, it almost sounds fake. It sounds like you're trying to distinguish fantasy from from reality. I've got a five year old daughter. I, we pretend there's a Santa Claus. We also tell her there isn't this actual being the supernatural being called Santa Claus. We the same way that when she watches Daniel tiger on mister Rogers neighborhood, like she doesn't think that puppet is a real sentient creature..

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