President Trump, Nuggets, Broncos discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Into a depression. Nobody's depressed on Wall Street. Right now. Stock futures are rising as the market looks to extend its record setting rally. Dow futures Up by about 265 points this morning, Techstocks lifted the S and P 500 or all time high last week. Above the record that it set before the Corona virus let the air out of the economy the dollars studying against major currencies this morning. His traitors hunt for signs of global economy health, The dollar is holding on to gains and it made against the euro late last week, traders were taking comfort in the dollar because of support of data on business activity and home sales. They're also hoping for assurances from the Federal Reserve's annual economic policy symposium. That starts this Wednesday in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. TIC TAC plans to take President Trump to court. The F company confirmed that it plans to file a lawsuit challenging Trump's executive order that would effectively banned take talk unless it is sold to an American buyer. Tic TAC released a statement over the weekend, saying they have sought to engage in good faith to provide a constructive solution. It expects to sue the administration this coming week. Nikola Goddess, NBC News radio governors moved to extend closing time at bars by an hour is not stopping the tavern League from moving forward with legal action. On Friday, Governor Polish moved the time to 11 P.m. instead of 10 before the pandemic. Last call was at 2 A.m.. Restaurant owners say they're still losing too much business and they planned to push for atleast a midnight last call. Next money update Coming up in 6 12 Pat Water. Kay AWAY NEWS radio. Thanks Pat 5 44 B. K is here from his home studio talking about sports. And what a difference a week makes last week cash. We're all fired up about the Rockies, abs and nuggets now, after that weekend, not so much Yeah, the Nuggets now find themselves in an almost insurmountable hole. After last night's 1 29 1 27 lost to Utah in their opening round playoff. Siri's inside the NBA's bubble Jazz All Star guard down when Mitchell led all scores of 51, but he's matched by Nuggets guard Jamal Murray, who had 50 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists and loss. No. One time we're not going to know 315, what is going on there? No, I must go home yet. So, he said. There's a lot of fight left in those pictures. Nice, though. If I was on my Marina's Nuggets teammates now seek to become just the 12 team in MBA history to come back in a best of seven series after trailing 31 Game five that you heard Marie Reference comes your way tomorrow afternoon at 4 30. I will try to not their second round. Siri's up at a game apiece tonight when they look to bounce back from Saturday's game one loss 53 at the hands of the Dallas Stars, but drop in Edmonton tonight set for 8 30. The Rockies just can't stop the bleeding there, swept for the second straight Siri's After Sunday's 11 3 lost to the Dodgers in the city of Angels All Star shortstop Trevor Story knows his team isn't living up to expectations. We care so much about this team about winning believes that we have in ourselves and we're not fulfilling that right now we're not doing I'm playing the way that we know we can place that's always frustrating. Rock will try and stop the bleeding tonight in Arizona Game one of a four game series gets underway with our coverage at seven o'clock and streaming on the I Heart radio up first pitch at 7 43. From tonight, the Broncos will kick things off against the Titans and empower field at mile high. Let's hope they're a little healthier than they are right now. In training camp Bonn, Miller returned to the field. Sunday, but a sore elbow kept him out of most of the drills. Melon Gordon still on the shelf with bruised ribs, but Vic Fangio calls him day to day and a couple of rookies cornerback Michael John Moodie is going to be about a week with a strained quad and inside linebacker Justin Starr not left practice with an injured wrist. Broncos are back on the practice Field UCL training center this morning at 9 15. The golfer Dustin Johnson. Back on top is the world number one after carding Ah 30 under 2 54 1 by 11 strokes at the Northern Trust at TPC Boston that sports membrane in crystal on Katrina's radio home. The Broncos 5 47 right now on Colorado's morning news, as many 13 as 13 have been arrested been being reported from a weekend protest against the Denver Police Department. It broke out on Saturday night. Resulting in fires being set in windows broken out at the police headquarters. One officer was injured during the demonstration. The protests came after last week's decision by the city Council, not tohave. Voters decide on defending police in the name of putting a peace force in place Pikes Peak area fire officials could issue some new restrictions today as they address the wildfire risk in the region. The regional Wildfire Preparedness group is planning a briefing later this morning to talk about the area's fire danger. New Bern restrictions are likely to go into effect is hot and dry Conditions persist. The president says. The federal government is on the ground, helping to fight the wildfires in California the federal government has already deployed over 26001st responders. And personnel to battle the wildfires were working very closely with the governor. President Trump has already approved a major disaster declaration for the state to help California and local leaders with resource is the president said he's spoken with Governor Gavin Newsom about the response to the fire's acting homeland Security chief, Chad Wolf says there's no authority for his department to have law enforcement Agent service poll watchers. We have law enforcement authorities and law enforcement officers at the department. We have expressed authorities given to us by Congress, and this is not one of them on CNN's state of the union. Wolf says Congress has not given his department authorization to do that in the upcoming election. His remarks come after the president suggested and listed a number of law enforcement groups that would be involved, including sheriffs. Work. It makes.

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