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Firearm this is the thom hartmann broke ground grains my friends patriots lubbers up democracy truth and justice believers in peace freedom and the american way thom hartmann here with you while donald trump a wet totally wack doubt tweet this morning the liz with warren asking him in a follow up tweet if he's sludge shaming kirsten jilib read a hits it's iit's is just bizarre going after her saying that she comes to his office would do anything for a campaign contribution roy moore's one of his friends last i gave a great speech about how when they were in vietnam together they went to a brothel filled with on underage girls the punchline was roy moore was horrified knee left a wanted by bridge and well who knows uh separately schaub has some interesting thoughts on the old uh uh al franken thing there's just a lot in the news today of course the election in alabama and at the top of the election in alabama uh we had greg palestine yesterday and he was talking about how a judge in alabama had just said that the voting machines in alabama the scanners that uh that that scan the the uh the ballots the fillon you know you fill in little circles that the images their kept on those by those voting machines need to be capped because that's what's used for an audit they don't actually audit the paper they audit the images oddly enough and then the alabama supreme court said now you don't have to keep those images that was later yesterday afternoon after we get off the air on the line with us to discuss gust this is a mimic kennedy the actor activist writer supporter of governor don siegelman the board share progress the democrats of america progressive them uh pd america dot org stars hits.

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