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He's got to be named their new defensive coordinator. How do you think he's going to do with bell? Jack is and that is boy. They are very tight. Yes. So it's good to see I guess she was kind of running out of chances of places so Bill brings him in. I'm sure he'll do great. I thought he did a hell of a job even at Ohio State. I don't know about the rung up pretty good a lot this year. Airland game. You look at the producer. I think that he got pushed out in Ohio. Is that right? Oh, yeah. Patrick Chung is scheduled for surgery tomorrow on his broken arm. Then in about three weeks left shoulder surgery to clean up initially played through for most of the season and the shoulder recovery. He's gonna miss all of otas and return allegedly in time for camp. He's a big piece of that defensive unit. If you ask me and how about this one? Could you even believe this one that falcons kicker Matt Bryant announced team is moving on from him. And and getting rid of him. He had two years left on his deal and made twenty of twenty one field goals this season that guy will have a job in five minutes is he not one of the best in the league bar. None. I it really makes you scratch your head because you look around the league. And there's so many teams that go through kicker after kicker after kicker, I mean, and you actually have he's one of the guys that you were somewhat reliable, mostly reliable and. Montenegro? Look, none of these guys are automatic. There's a very few guys in one. He's talker. Salary. He's he's up there though, too. He's also a little older, I put Tucker scou- key. Even Zura line is not probably with those two yet. But I think Tucker and Gostkowski and there. Viteri vegetarian. Brian are about like, you know, the older guys who could still get it done. Right. But you know. Lobbyist in Bryant is top five field goal kicker in the NFL. The guy rarely misses ever. He had twenty twenty one. The essay is sadly, I mean, there's a lot of these guys have come that tried to plant them. Just don't have the consistent that it's he had he nails kicks, and he knows big kicks. And he can still get it done. Would. I would take him. You know, what the Steelers should sign him right now tonight. The bare should get rid of that little flake that that he hid more goalposts than anyone I've ever seen in my life. They should get rid of that guy. I don't care if he knows God or not. With one hundred thousand workout Boehner's makes it even twenty million a guaranteed money for Derek Carr. Derek cars nineteen point nine base salary becomes fully guaranteed that I so he got all his money. Right. I guess that proves does it not prove that. That Gruden loves him. And that he's going forward with him. I guess it does. Right. So here you go weighing the pros and cons of potential giants quarterback targets in the draft. They have obviously they're poised to take a quarterback in the draft. And they're finally got to replace Eli manning or at least chooses successor and with the sixth overall pick in play and they could drive one even the second round too early in the second round. But you got Haskins drew lock Daniel Jones at Duke Cuyler Murray will Greer of West Virginia, and as far as anybody else Ryan Finley events, he stayed they won't take him or Jarret stidham or Clayton Thorson of northwestern. That's not happening. Right. Who do you think he's gonna replace ally? Manning with your boy cattleman mafia Haskins or drew lock I told you the other night. I said, drew. Doc is there guy six three to twenty six and. A lotta people say he's like, Jay Cutler. But then I don't want him. Then I don't want him and then Daniel Jones six five to twenty strong pocket passer and decent running ability. He's smart and ready for the NFL. According to those that know and David Cutler gives him high marks do you think they'll take Haskins lock Jones or Cuyler Murray? I think they're gonna take whoever we don't pick today because that's the way it's always work because we start here at the Super Bowl this the draft is who like this one showing the lead quoted all mock draft, and all of a sudden they go to these individual workouts at the schools, they go to combine the do. These interviews these other things are these teams Brigham in. And then all of a sudden four weeks from now, it's a completely different list of the top five for now of what I saw I say column or is the best one just like I like bigger Mayfield last year. He's the guy who won. He's the guy that made the big plays when they needed to Hoskins fade off at the end for me the kid from Dookie, maybe. Big. But what do they ever win? Unlock again, another guy who's got all the immeasurable. But do do anything this year? He fell off as opposed to what he was last year. So I'm seeing this story Brent's oblast key wrote. And it's about where the NFL's most realistic trade targets are going to go in the offseason. Andy Dalton to the Redskins. Do you believe that Andy Dalton will be dealt from the Bengals to the Redskins? You might be dealt. I don't know if it's going to be the Redskins. But I think he might be doubt. Wow. Obviously, Alex Smith careers in jeopardy because it is broken leg and whatever Antonio Brown and the night, or do you think it's going to happen? They'll end up with the Niners thought, so. But honestly now it's like everybody thinks he's going to the forty Niners. Why I just feel like it's not going to happen. They'll go somewhere else. So already burns to the Zona cardinals. They're saying that Peterson needs somebody to work with sure whatever you did a great job in Pittsburgh doing nothing. Yeah. That'll work out. Well, Donald Penn to the tax in snow. He's gonna get out of Oakland, Gerald McCoy to the raiders I've heard that Gerald McCoy maybe to the bills about that. He had six sacks six tackles for loss. Twenty one quarterback hits this year. Also, do you think Jacoby Bruce sat to the dolphins from the colts? You think that's possible that he's taken over for tannahill? Would that really be a part of their plan to basically go to and fourteen next is that an upgrade or not? That's not an upgrade. But that's an upgrade. If you want to get to next year in the draft. Jalen Ramsey to the Seahawks. They would deal him. I mean if I was the Jaguars. I would probably deal him but Vikings wide receiver look Juan Treadwell to the patriots and help become an all pro probably Nick. Albro L, become Gilmore, Nick falls to the Broncos and not the Jags. I mean, maybe sure why not. There you go Vernon Butler to the Browns. No, one cares. They go. In Cleveland on the van you're on CBS sports radio. Love the show. Thanks to is the one thing. I was wondering I was seeing all this trade of now the Sixers seventy Sixers addict to terrorists, but even without risers. Why aren't the seventy Sixers the best team in the east have had had over shoulders. I'm Ben Simmons one of the best point guards Jong also starting in the all star game one of the best Central League. Now Jimmy Butler one of the best talents in the league. Why aren't they already had his older over better than ever almost everyone on the east? And there is what what is it that that I think what I think it's pretty obvious to me that they're all bunched isolation players. They all want the the rock. And then they, you know, they don't dish it they just every single guy wants the Bill to turn around and put it in the whole Butler is never happy anywhere. He plays. He's brought his cancer to that team. It took a month for him to be miserable. And I think he's spreads like a virus on that team. And I think. Simmons's an incredible player. I won't tonight. I think he makes the engine run. I got nothing bad to say about him other than I've seen him in a blouse have a one point game. It was embarrassing. But I mean, Joe JAL it's all about him. He gets the ball. It's all about him scoring. So I think they have all these guys that do certain things Radic said three guy. All he does come off the pick and hits threes. I think he's good at it. But all individual isolation type players if you ask me, they all do one thing while and they all like one a score a lot and get their looks and get their shots. And you know to me, they don't they haven't proven it. Like, I've seen them have really good games. Like the game at oracle against the warriors. They have potential to be a really good team. Now, they got four all stars on that roster starting so they should be bad ass should be loaded. But before I think before they were just a bunch of guys that do their own thing that are all in their own way, selfish. And they don't play that great. If he asked me as a. A team. And there's one thing they definitely don't do. Maybe Joe does that around then when he wants to shut somebody down Barrington but other than that, they don't play defense. One twelve point one points per game giving up to opponents that's worse than the other nine teams in eastern commerce that they're around the other eight teams the top nine they're the worst of the top nine Brooklyn, Charlotte. Miami, Detroit, even those teams played better defense by slight margin in the Philadelphia seventy Sixers. So when we come back, we've got the college basketball season so far with a month ago. The biggest winners and losers there, plus the national signing day, look who's number one again as usual Alabama. What else is new eight five five two one two four CBS. I looked at her and my heart went tilt when do.

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