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And road between Ren Wick and route 1 26. And watch for an accident in Woodridge, 87 Street and Woodward Avenue. It is the coldest day so far this winter. These weather conditions won't be brief. WGN's Judy Wang has an update. These dangerous temperatures will be with us for a least a week. In these conditions, Frostbite can occur and just minutes the Chicago Park District is canceling several activities. All ice rinks, including the Maggie Daley skating ribbon at Millennium Park, are closed with windchills that could get down to 30 below. And W. G and meteorologist Mike Hammer. Nick has an update on some of those windshield numbers. Many locate Sins in the double digits, sub zero reading numbers and when you factor in the wind shell, check this out his cold as minus 31 Sugar Grove. Minus 30 and DeKalb and minus 24 officially at O'Hare and this wind chill advisory runs until noon. If we have 12 straight days of this bitter cold, it will be the longest cold spell we've had since 1958. Chicago public schools, said pre K and special lead cluster teachers who failed to report tomorrow will be terminated from system access at the end of the day. CPS and see to you are still talking over the timeline for reopening schools for K through eight students. Accommodations for staff with vulnerable family members, metrics and vaccinations. Mayor Lightfoot's on the record, saying vaccinations for all staff just isn't possible. In order to implement Seti's plan, we would have to stop vaccine distribution across the entire city for everyone else, literally. In its latest offer, CPS proposed to staggered return of over the course of three weeks. Back to normal, left the ST Louis City jail this morning after inmates escaped their cells yesterday and freed other prisoners here is Jimmy Edwards, ST Louis, director of public safety. We just have a lot of very violent, serious offenders at C. J. C. And it happened at 2 30. We don't know why it happened. There were never ever a demand made were able to get in there. And to take those folks move those people to a more secure floor. It started with an inmate fight of the guard, other inmates getting involved as well. This was the third disturbance at the jail in recent weeks. Chicago man faces multiple felonies after allegedly traveling to meet a person he thought was a 15 year old girl for Sex. W. G and Steve Ruxton has the story, the Cook County Sheriff's office says 34 year old one, Heredia is charged with attempted aggravated criminal sexual abuse, grooming, indecent solicitation of a child in traveling to be the minor investigators say how ready I began conversing with an undercover cop who was posing as a teen girl on the messaging app on January 20. Night. He was arrested Wednesday. Heredia posted bond and is due in court next week. Steve Broxton, WGN NEWS candidate. 04, WGN Sports Andy Maser For the first time this season, the black officer face the stars in Dallas socks coming into the game 44 and four on the year All the stars were 52 and one bitter undefeated at home. Blackhawks and stars later this afternoon. Chris Boat's pregame at 1 30 Jonah Troy had the puck drop it to hear our WGN and WGN radio dot com. Both the Chiefs and Buccaneers ready for kickoff of Super Bowl 55, which gets underway later today. Tom Brady, trying to become the first player to ever win seven NFL championships, while Patrick Holmes is looking to become the youngest quarterback in NFL history to win multiple Super Bowls, kickoff. And around 5 30. Among those selected the pro Football Hall of Fame yesterday. Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson all head to Canada in their first year of eligibility. John Lynch also headed to Canton as his former NFL coach. Tom Flores. College basketball from yesterday. Northwestern Lost 24th rank produced 75 70. Walls. Right. Illinois Beats number 19, Wisconsin 75 60 I owe to sumo 21 points and 12 rebounds to Paul loses a butler 68 58 Loyola wins its ninth straight beating Evansville 68 55. Ravi, a winner over Southern Illinois 74 66, Illinois state and losing at home to Missouri State. 74 67 25th Grade. Drake wants at Valpo 80 to 77 you I see a loser in a right state. 77 57 sack Levin game high 39 points. The Bulls won 18 92 whatever the magic in Orlando last night. I made a major WGN sports forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center meteorologist Mike Hammer Nick Away until advisory is in effect until noon. When the wind chills of minus.

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