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Reason, and that is that I wanted to make the point that it is time to cross the river of our divides to get to a higher plane in our politics. We have a president that literally wakes up every morning and tweet something to fracture our communities. Right. He goes after immigrants. He goes after people of color, he goes after people in his own party when they don't agree with them. And he goes after people in our party every single day including sending Dr videos, which is our biggest fear in this democracy, and he doesn't care at all. So I will tell you this Virginia Democrats, we need to take back our country. And we need to make this the country that we have built that we are so proud. Of starting right here in the Commonwealth of Jinya. We need to put the heart back in our politics. So my background is a little bit different than Donald Trump. My grandpa was an iron ore miner. He worked fifteen hundred feet underground in the mines any Li Minnesota. He never graduated from high school, but he save money in a coffee can descend, my dad to college. And my dad went to a two year community college. My mom she grew up in Wisconsin. She moved to Minnesota and she taught second grade until she was seventy years old. She was a proud union member. Emiko mature speaking Virginia Democrats live coverage as span radio from Washington, and I stand before you today as the granddaughter of an iron ore miner as a daughter of a.

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