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But most Americans do not believe that zero for boarding. What are you willing to accept in such a proposal, obviously, the number that the president has put out there that has been reported? That they put out. I haven't been in in those rooms I've had discussions that. You know, what the president and his team directly. Those numbers are are in that two and a half to three billion dollars. Besides the money taking the money aside. Security. Okay. But. Reforms starts with border security. I mean at some point, you know, if we go back to Reagan all the way up to two today, you have to secure your border eventually in order to have a legal immigration system that works so far the dreamers. Have snakes Democrats? They don't want to be part of this deal. But if it comes down to it anyway, would you be okay with that glowing legal status for the dreamers? You know at this at this point, it takes a while to get while funding done part of what Mario Diaz Balart who is considered to be more moderate on this this issue than perhaps a member of the freedom caucus. He even he says that we have to start with with looking at border security, and then we can look at legal status. And and now some some of the no, I don't think it's a no I just think that it's part of a process, you can't take one thing out and say will you give citizenship to this group of people without looking at the other parts comprehensive immigration reform. Let's talk about the workers chirp people who are not. Working right now. The New York Times talked to several workers, including one woman who works for the IRS. She doesn't live here. She lives in Wisconsin state, the president one I should add. And she said we're all kind of waiting to see how we go forward to we apply for unemployment. Do we start looking for part time jobs, and you're talking about just to put numbers on this forty two thousand employees in the coastguard forty one thousand federal law enforcement officers tens of thousands customs and border patrol agents. People who are trying to do exactly what you say needs to be done with the wall. They're not getting paid last week. You said that will this is effectively said, this is what you signed up for in a public in in that interview. What what I went on further say is listen, it's not lost on me. In terms of anybody that is caught up in this particular thing, I can tell you. I was in in the White House with the president and his team saying, how can we make sure that this shutdown has minimal impact on federal workers have minimal impact on those people on main street. And part of that may be to those essential employees that are having to show up is to make sure that we fund them to make sure that they don't have to miss a paycheck because some of those borders. Okay with that. I would be okay with that. This is something that I've recommended that we look at. So it's only those that are truly furloughed that are not working not showing up to work that you have to do it. Now, it's not to minimize the impact on them as well. But there are people out there if this was on I mean, they're not gonna to pay their mortgage. It is it is critically important that we look at that. It's one of the reasons why put in with the CEO to withhold my paycheck as well. I get that. And it's not lost on me. Congressman Mark meadows. Thank you for coming. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Thank you. The mother of an eight year old migrant boy who died in border patrol custody sent a message to the Trump administration. That's next. Remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash CNN. The national lead for the first time..

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