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If you're new, I'm your host Jasmine and today. We're talking all about greetings. So what are the different ways that you can introduce yourself or say hello an English now? I don't know if you already know this, but when it comes to greeting yourself in English, it is super important because people actually determine their first impressions about you within the first few seconds, so you really want to get it right and make. Make the best possible first impression when you're speaking English and to be honest. You WanNa. Make the best impression, no matter what language or speaking, but of course we are talking about English on this podcast, so let's get into the best ways to say hello in English and have a proper greeting now. Of course it's important to differentiate between informal and formal English so informal English is the type of language. You would use with people that you are close to so your friends your. Your family I. Don't know even sometimes your coworkers that you are really close with, but when it comes to a formal, that's the kind of language you would use with people you don't know very well like your boss or co workers at you're not very close with or anyone that you respect like an elder, or you know a distant relative that you don't talk to too much, so it's important to know your audience right? You're not going to talk in a very casual way. Way and introduce yourself casually to someone that you don't really know so. Let's talk about the difference with informal and formal and what we can say in English to introduce ourselves. It's also really important to mention that. Of course you're going to get more used to this with practice, so the more you talk to people and the more you use yourself, the more you're going to realize, which greetings work for you, and which ones you prefer, because everybody has a preference and everybody has. Has Their own personality, so some of these English greetings might not really match your own personality, so you're GonNa find out what works view through practice, so I definitely recommend talking out loud with strangers and friends in English all right. Let's begin with informal English greetings. As most of the time we are talking with our friends and family and people that we know not often. Are we talking with strangers, although we will get into that later, so the very basic way to say hello. Hello. Of course as you know is high, we can say hi, we say hello, and we can also say hey. Hey is something. That native English speakers us all the time. It's a little bit more casual than hello or hi, so if you know someone already, and you don't really feel like being too formal, you can say hey, instead of saying hi, and it will make you sound a lot more fluent now. The English greetings hello. Hi and hey work pretty well in any. Any social situation, however, sometimes it can be a little bit boring for example if you're at a party and you see somebody that you really want to talk to. When you just go up to them and say hi, and then you don't say anything else. It is a little bit strange. The person might not really know what you're looking for or what you want to talk about so one simple and easy way to.

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