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Is terrible. Terrible? Singing. It is eight, nine, four, one, pags, eight, eight, nine, zero, one, seven, two, four, seven, joepags, dot com pre she stopped by always appreciate did a Susan coming on always a great job he's movies are top-notch Kerry, urged to go see infidel I I've seen a trailer of it looks really good. Yeah it's awesome. I posted the version of America, the Beautiful Deputy Sousa does he just posted it all my social media go check that out. It's a it's during it's really something. It's awesome. Trump card out tomorrow and DVD goes to trump card the movie on on the Internet trump card the movie dot com and go check that out as well. Ended Eight, nine, four, one, pags, eight, nine, four, one, seven, two, four, seven, joepags, dot com I, guess which is face Chris Evans had something to say we'll talk about that and then it because he just can't help himself. It's horrible from covid nineteen. Yeah, it's horrible. The Guy Freaking has it dummy? which was my opening line in my response to Chris Evans. As. If the guy who has a lot to talk about it I've got are great sponsors relief factor relief factor dot com there right now one, eight, hundred, five, hundred, eighty, three, eighty, four That's the that's the website. That's the phone number relief factor is a great product. It is a supplement that you take. Very, easy to these capsules. I've taken it plenty of times when I had some pain and gave it a shot to see if it would work there. Also, we can talk about it on my show and guess what it works over one hundred, million Americans suffer from ongoing pain due to aging exercise overexertion the effects of everyday living. So WanNa try something that so many people have found is effective for them could be exercise related pain, general muscle aches and pains whatever it happens to be try this it's got. Four great key ingredients that when working together can help that inflammation. Try the three week quickstart they came up with Pete Talbot, the Father Son Team over relief factor, it's only nine, hundred, ninety, five, ninety, five cents a day, and it could help you where you getting help elsewhere the vast majority of those who try it come back and get some more relieffactor dot com relieffactor, dot com or again one, eight, hundred, five, hundred, eighty, three, eighty, four right now fully end up ten minutes worth or ten seconds worth. No pop culture today would it be in trouble? We'll have played tomorrow for Kerry for Paulo for Sam. It's pags. We'll see you then. Bye. Joe. PAGS show. The longer I work from home the more certain things start to bug me like the tile work in my house I decided it was time to enjoy looking at my kitchen. So I called architectural ceramics. Architectural ceramics is a certified female owned business. They have a title for every job in every budget their showroom is open to the public and Cova compliant appointments are recommended. Let one of their tile professional's guide you on your next project at one of their five locations, Rockville Bethesda Baltimore Vienna in Alexandria also at architectural ceramics dot. com..

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