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Oh mexican roles amar's finding arte roll my sock sore he does have mix it sucks exit colors yes no having cake to make maybe yellow in there yellow black so thanks for joining us there of course if you missed that you could always subscribe to the podcast on the listen tab of the espn app or on apple podcast as well so what happened podcast what happy why are we left about the podcast everybody has podcast that's we need to boost our podcast build roster podcast rajasa podcast yeah i bet so anyway one of the questions stephen brought up or discussions stephen brought up is about the young guys and physical kuzin was off the table toge boycott ball i do think though here's the interesting part about lebron coming here i write being the guy who kind of breaks down the wall i i think it's fascinating in this regard it shows for the first time in a while right and key you brought this up since his days with pat riley where he's actually looking at the long term as opposed to the short term fix outside of his first arrival in cleveland obviously were they made the move for still a young kevin love and kyrie irving who's already on the roster since then it's been a series of short term fixes whereas he came to the lakers specifically telling magic according to jenkins historians straighted saying that he's not going to try to ruin this per se by trying to put the franchise in a difficult situation by making a deal that could hurt them down the road which look i think that's the smart way to look at it even at thirty three years old saw trust though is trusting the front office in the management again going back to his days in cleveland that wasn't something that he felt good about he couldn't trust what they would do because it was always something one way or another whether you were going to extend the general manager what you didn't like the general manager where you sent the letter and you bash them whatever the case may be the trust was broken then went to miami he obviously nude it he couldn't do a one in one and a one in one and all those things because yet other guys lives there was at matter that mattered you had to wait at the time it was young you had chris bosh that was young and then even to the point where you quiet ray allen you had to be in a position where players felt okay we're in this for the next three to four years before we move on when he goes back to cleveland his whole goal going back to cleveland was to win a championship so if i once i win a championship then i'll see how it goes the next year they want six hours again and i'll find destination which in my estimation is la obviously he's not going anywhere outside of la when his contract expires he'll be living in la for the rest of his life that's the way i look at it i mean i can't say enough about how the first series of moves that magic johnson rob pelinka put together should've put the league or notice that competency had returned to the front office i think people i think people took notice but i think you gonna always they still second guessing always have that though you always have your second guessing your naysayers because what happens and you've been in this world very long time in terms of covering sports is somebody says something in a run with it right in say what he said that this instead of just actually looking at what it is and who it is making the directions and doing things we talk about the lakers obviously in one thing stephen brought up is every single player that have come here that's been a giant mega star they wanna championship except elgin baylor everybody's done that so when you look at that and you say okay here's magic johnson in position to grabble the brian james brian james needs to understand you have to win a championship no matter what anybody said about magic rob trust that they go put everything together based on the first the.

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