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The committee can tell you all you want that we don't take last year into effect but that's bull because otherwise wise oklahoma ranked below clemson oklahoma has the two most impressive road victories of the season yeah up oklahoma state on the road and ohio state on the road plus they beat the beat the hell out of tcu and yes they lost iowa state and the committee said we're holding the i w i was states decent as opposed to clemson who lost their quarterback they lost on the road to syracuse so i i think that they're they're holding clemson in high regard 'cause everybody believes that clemson as a ton of talent and is a good football team but more than anything because clemson didn't clemson last year and one of national title so you're saying basically they're giving clemson credit for last year when they really they're they're they should not be ahead of oklahoma of oklahoma an absolute now look at all play out the wash price miami's gonna play clemson wear wins that things going to go on i think the biggest problem they're going to have is what happens if alabama beats all burn and then loses to georgia in the sec championship game then what it that's the big then what because alabama is better than georgia even if they're not better than georgia in the championship game yes do you then put georgia and alabama and in which we all agree is a down you're in the sec okay so the celtics winning streak i said the start the show you know a comics good not if he does a great eleven minutes set go on youtube and watch his best work if he's got like forty great jokes john millennia right now i think is the funniest guy in america as a standup comic john laney he's got like thirty funny bets anybody can do in eleven minutes set that doesn't mean don't like but i say if you want to be a star do you wanna be a james coordinator you want to be call bear you gotta give me more than eleven minute bit this is what i say about the nba you can go on a winning streak if you're well coached boston if you have a young team with high energy boston and you out prepare have a star you can sneak into town i'm not rested you are.

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