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Weather together. Every ten minutes on the ace five has the brake lights to work and sale home. In the News Radio nine fifty. WBZ news time twelve forty two was fans eagerly await the rocket mortgage classic from the Detroit golf club in June. You can get a head start on reserving tickets with a presale window that's open now through December twenty third w J's. Ryan will he talked with the executive director of the golf tournament? Jason language about the ticket offer man volunteers offerings. It'll be out there. The I will be two general admission ground staffers valid for any one day of competition for one hundred thirty dollars. That's just sixty five dollars ticket. So you'll be able to pick your day that you wanna go you build a come Thursday for the opening round. If you want or watch things finish up. On Sunday that gets there's really a perfect one. For a stocking stuffer for golf enthusiasts on your list and the second offering our is two week long passes Thursday to Sunday to a shared hospitality, Shelley. It's got a great yougov. Overlooking. The fifteenth green for seventeen fifty the fifteenth is that last part three on the back nine hundred sixty hours week. They CRA bunch of exciting action pack includes one parking pass. Tickets are valid all four days tournament round so Thursday to Sunday you build a purchase food and beverage separately. Right. Inside the tent, and that was really perfect for anyone seeking to entertain clients or colleagues or business associates. So both of these offers will be available on rocket mortgage. Classic dot com. I guess the only thing important pre-sales open and available to everybody. So regardless fear golfer. Now, you gotta headache effort or not it's it's open to everyone in the area. Now, you mentioned the VIP parking. Let's two questions there. Let's start with parking. Do you know how much or where people will be parking for this event? Yeah. We've been working with the community with the city. I obviously we've got know the fairgrounds nearby. We've had some conversely. UD mercy. It will have a wide array of parking in the area. We're really blessed to have parking that close to the facility. So they'll make for a great experience we're finalizing all the various lobsters a number of different options. It'll be close to us. And if we come out as I mentioned with those kind of the broader ticket offering early two thousand nineteen we'll be packing those together with with parking options as well. All right. And then now with the two ticket packages, you have now will these be available after this this kind of window or are these the VIP tickets this limited time window to be able to get anything for the good anyone day fastest. So we're going to keep this to this limited window of time that we have open, and then as we get into the new year Adler abroad are offering of a ticket that you can come out for one day on some other hospitality offering making this available just for this window 'cause we had a lot of fans reach out to say look we want to get something for the holidays. So we wanted to come out with this off. Offering to get a chance to really be the first a lot their tickets down here two thousand eighteen yet. All right. And then what about volunteers are? No. It's a big event. It's going to be a large undertaking. Are you still looking for volunteers air? We are individuals can go to rocketmortgage classic dot com. To raise your hand to volunteers. That's the executive director of the rocket mortgage. Classic Jason Lang well with WWF as Ryan Willie again for ticket information just click on rocket mortgage. Classic dot com. Sports update. Coming coming up next. WBZ news time is twelve forty five. The only.

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