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The two individuals that were able to give Anthony Center war. A ride to you. gas station restore so he can get on the phone and call these. But there's just a lot of really Interesting avent's just before this occurred in afterwards and kind of you know while he was there in the car you are so first off welcome to the show. How are you guys doing good? Good let me ask you this before we even start how much of this case do you know about other than just your you know that Short involvement that thank you had just from the news or Yeah mostly from the news and just the news articles that we read online nine right right any rumors or anything or let me ask you this. Do you guys need to know exactly where you live. But do you live like in the Mount Angel Area Roseburg on the coast. Oh you're on the coast. See where you just visiting there. Yeah we were just there for a day trip Very cool okay. All right so I know that kind of like a park area I think. Is it a national park. So I'm at the national four area actual hot springs is off the trail head Like very much in February it was still snowing in Oregon in that area. So we actually hike two miles to the trail head so we about The road was closed so we saw maybe a mile into our walk. Because I think there's some falls and then there's the hot springs so you guys were going to hot springs. We're on the HAKKA. We were on the road road showing the hot spring. 'cause that there's like a two mile stretch where they block it off when it snows we had Through that area aggressee. You weren't in the car. You guys were hiking okay. Yeah and then you see Anthony Coming. Obviously I guess in the opposite direction towards guys and it was just like a brief you know kind of I guess. Hello Yeah. We theme walking. He he had a jacket on at that time his all huddled Kinda to himself the other side of the road I think I said or you said hello Anything that reply so we just kept on going been anything. Yeah that's really strange. Very strange When we go all right so talk no go ahead? That's when we met another another couple there and he asked us if we had seen time. We didn't know it was anthony. But yeah we we talked to the guy and we're like oh we said hi but it just kept walking and then at that time he A stranger at the hot spring started explaining Anthony Story to us. Okay okay so this other couple so he did speak to them Yeah what did he tell them so so basically he just told them that he had been lost for a few days and he didn't him and his friend had been lost for a few days. He I didn't know how long and I guess they had offered to help him and he said No. I'm just GONNA keep walking down and declined it. Yeah that's really strange. Okay Hey but he did. Mention was always in contention aren't so at least t you mentioned. He was with his friend but of course the most important part is his friends with them. He still missing right up in the woods. Yeah okay all right so you see deemed first time Speak with a couple of the kind of fill you in a little bit more and then you see him a second time. I guess as you guys were leaving I think yeah so. We spent roughly well after or morning. Noon at the hot springs and so we thought there I'm like nine nine. Am Eight am and then we didn't get back to our car around like two or three and that's when we see him again and he had pops what's out right next to our car tie without his jacket so to still out there and then wandering around and then without his jacket and let me ask you this how what did. He just looked like not physically but his clothing. 'cause my everything I hear. He just didn't look like he had been lost in the woods for days. You know yeah second time. He seems more alert He wasn't really wet per se like he would be as the as if you would typically showed us pulled up his of clothing to the only other two shirts but they were pretty dry. I think the only thing that was really wet with the His hand hance Yeah I think part of the story. official story was that eat Just woke up with its space in the snow And of course it's later S He's explaining. It was a a couple of different versions but and then Jeffrey was missing but I guess if he woke up face down in the snow that same day you I would think you'd be pretty wet right. I anticipate the weather wasn't like super. I mean I'm I'm from Florida so I would have been freezing Nevada worth I was but there's somebody that's that used to it up there i. I don't think it was that bad right. I mean it was percents was pretty bad that Week it was it was one one of the northeastern during that time so the weather was really bad and it already started. I thought the snowstorm. It started a little bit later so it the had already started knowing. Okay Gotcha Gotcha track storms though it was even weirder. Yeah what bad. Not Act that right when we were there but still oh you don't you're just to me and then again you know we're we're not your point. Any fingers is trying to just trying to figure this out. ANNELIES is trying to figure it out and and hopefully you know get this reopened There's a lot of additional Evidence and things that they've been able to find That makes us even more interesting thing because from what I gather All right so let's get to that point. Actually that I'll mention it so he finally does except some some help from you guys right You offered I guess. It drives him to some store gas station so he could at least for a ride. Sure Yeah when we got back he came out of. It was kind of weird because some other people had left before us you know and then he came out of the woods. He didn't come out of. We're getting to our carbon ca man walking out of the woods and I you know we weren't sure and then the closer we got. Ah We're like Oh the same guy almost almost like. He's waiting like weird. Maybe Yeah Yeah Yeah I bet you it was a little a little bit scary. Free Guys. he asked me. I'm surprised ranger station. And right right so when he got in the car when I started driving I really I was like we'll take you to the store because there's drainers ranger station isn't GonNa help hope you you know right right right not at that point towards better and but the closer. I'm sure you've wanted this to be as quick as possible. Not being uncomfortable knowing him. The dummy that makes complete sense definitely Denise show and this is a question that Jeffries mom wanted me to ask you guys so did he appear hypothermic I know L. that it had said you know eventually wants to pick them up like he was shaking with acting. More or less lucky was hypothermic. And so they were they. Were trying to say well. This is the signs or did he possibly look to you like somebody that maybe was coming down down off of something. Because I don't know if you've heard rumors I mean it's not secret actions a lot of drug use going on with these people so from my perspective. I'm we'd never really seen anyone but me I've been around a lot of addicts. I've seen people come come down and seeing people on Drugs Neal. He seemed like he was coming off something. Yeah that's what I keep thinking -tective though when I was explaining how he was zoning in and out in the detective said that those were HYPOTHERMIC conditions yeah. I was like okay. You know what's weirdest the they've would be similar but I like your intuition. I really do Just because of what we what we do know an individual and the other people I was that he wasn't when we yeah yeah going back to that exactly and the time change. I don't know if you guys know that or not but it had originally started that they had left to quote go go Hiking or boys day out in the woods whatever but then broke down and then left the truck which is strange range. 'cause you'd think if you're broke down you're especially if the weather's getting best. They were shelter or walk back to the main road and then they go on the completely opposite direction even even took tailgate off the truck to apparently dragged tools on it which doesn't make any sense either very weird but then if he was there ought to be just real quickly because this will make sense if he's so phillips from Friday because I think the day you guys. I talked about with this Sunday or Monday. What they like this? It was Monday on. The first story is true. So you got Friday night Saturday night. Sunday night. Okay and then going into Monday. Excuse me of when you would seem so. Yeah he would have to be covered in all kinds of stuff but then the story a change to a Sunday they got stuck and lost making it only one night but I would still think that even just one night based off the it's whether you're explaining what you just said he would be be wet. But but I don't know about hypothermic be is I mean it was cold that day but it wasn't the point where it was freezing either late we that's what I mean. Yeah another thing that he had changed his story on to us is. He said that He they went back to the truck to take out part because somebody would have scavenged anyway or stolen them. That's the but you have the tailgate. They took tools out to put them on their drag thinking that people might steal it now feminist situation life or death in the middle of nowhere. I don't know where I'm at. I'm trying to get back to civilization. That's the last thing I'm thinking.

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