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Sweet. Hammerfest. 17? Fucking misses, sick. Just punches into the wall. Stay still. Nice punch. And then he's going to make an axe hand attack with disadvantage. Not one on the lower one, completely misses. Boom, baby. I just shit's had a bunch of. Aiming. That is back up to Callie's turn. Callie, you've got your friends up there. They actually look this warforged Titan is fucked up. So it looks like you could fuck that up. You've also got lzr down here that is surrounded by the soldiers who still look pretty hearty and they're 6 of them. Callie, do whatever would be the most fun. Well, that would be hitting, but I don't know if my dice will agree. Yeah, I think I'll just join ellsworth if it looks like they're fine. Sick. Yeah, you jump down, you go back to back with el zor. Yeah. And I will just try and attack one that I could potentially cleave if I get them down. Sweet. 18 to hit. 18 hits. Okay, we'll do a bad level, smite. And another flourish. Yes. Another 35 Demi. Jesus Christ. Callie, this one that L zor had messed up. You completely finish it off. You stick the umbrella in and open it up. Just it gets like in between under the plates of their armor. You open it up and there's just blood that comes out from inside the huge armor suit. The guys around them go Jesus Christ. And I scrape some of the nightmares in spores off my face and funnel them into my vape and take a hit. Smoking is really bad for you. I know, but now I'm smoking spores and nightmares. Okay, that's fine. Yeah, that's fine. You put another one on death's door as well with that. Okay. That had already taken a hit. And then do I have any potions on me? Yeah, I mean, you guys are holding all of the posters. And then I also, I also pour a potion into my vape. You vape a potion, great. Okay. Straight to the face. So there are 5 of these soldiers left. They're going to go ahead and split attacks on you and I'll say. My icy is 20 right now. Great. Okay, so three of them are going to go after you, two of them will go after. Two misses. I'm too slimy with sports. Nightmares. Two 18s on the second guy. Frozen and slimy. Third dude does hit on the charge bolt for 11 damage. I take it. I'm afraid of it. And then the other two go after Elsa. I'm gonna do protection paladin. I shut my umbrella. You do protection paladin. As I do, as I do the umbrella, I'm like, don't worry, I can keep you out of the sun. I like your style. Last dude would have hit is gonna roll with disadvantage now on the charge bolt, fully misses. So elsworth does not get hit at all. Oh, I like that like a bolt getting knocked away. Getting knocked away by the umbrella. After the soldiers, this fight has turned around, but it's still tough. The chainsaw nights are now gonna go. There's one up in Saul's face. Gonna take disadvantaged

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