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Guests that garbage coming up about ten minutes from now here on fox sports radio all right so we were talking about this story as well to earlier in the show so peyton manning that al jazeera story that came out so this aljazeera story came out a couple of years ago in which al jazeera america who was a was a news organization or a channel or network whatever the hell they were other no longer around they closed down but they did this documentary on players in sports who were using hgh that had ties to this clinic and this clinic worked with certain athletes and so the main target of this was peyton manning in so peyton manning denied it threatened to sue them said all it's not true it's this all this in depth stuff will algae story comes out courtesy of the hollywood reporter on friday that says because aljazeera and and the people involved in the documentary had always said that they had a second source who pretty much confirmed manning's use of hgh and some of the allegations because the story was that peyton manning had shipments of hgh sent to his house but he adam addressed to his wife so they wouldn't be tied to him and he wouldn't have his name on them and so this story comes out courtesy of hollywood reporter where court documents have revealed that peyton manning's lawyers confirmed a lot of what the allegations were that the person who was making the accusations charlie sly who was in the documentary that they've confirmed it now we don't know if that's true that's just what it saying in court papers and so i just thought it was funny that like this is kind of a big story and it didn't really get a whole lot of coverage out there kind of find it odd little weird zeisaid before if this was tom brady's two year old story trust me there would have been something done on it it would have been a major topic.

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