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Road trekking dot com slash one ninety eight and i just noticed what episode one ninety eight were almost at two hundred well and who would have thought we'd be able to do this for two hundred weeks in a row you've never missed a single one mike review never i mean in two hundred weeks we've been in the hospital we've been oh my gosh we've had all sorts of close that we are we going to do this lots of drama but we have we can't have a party figure out a way to celebrate well how can we do that i don't know i think this is kind of a big accomplishment i'm very grateful that we've been able to do this long so why don't you want to have a party to huckabee do this i don't know do a virtual party maybe send will come up with an idea set aside idea we only got two weeks to figure it out folks but we we'll do it that'd be really fun how do we celebrate two hundred weeks of this thing and get everybody else involved all right i think that's a great idea having great sympathy for some of those people walk up to me and say we have listened to every podcast you produced by we were driving here yes we break the dry the monotony of the drive for him hey besides all this stuff besides two hundred episodes and social media at our blog when you stop and look back at where this has all gone we have added free weekly email newsletter that we now send out to about twenty four thousand people and growing every week and of course our youtube rv lifestyle channel has kicked into high gear and that now has two or three new videos released every week i did a tally of how many people we reach on all these different platforms every week and would you would you believe we are a community our over five hundred and fifty thousand people why over half a million people weekly where reaching who who would have thought that this would this would take off like that i mean that is a lot of people but better behavior south when we're out in public that's it all right enough about us here's the vini news of the week that you need to know about okay first story as record numbers of people visit the national parks apparently the number needing to be rescued is also climbing nearly three thousand people needed to be rescued last year from national parks with search and rescue costing the park system more than three million dollars and twenty seventeen alone about ten percent of the certain rescuers that people that needed help were in the grand canyon and eight percent at yosemite utah jump of sixty eight percent between two thousand fourteen and twenty seventeen but the problem exists throughout the country the story gum me thinking of a podcast interview we did a year ago with a.

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