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On the fishery leeann. Myrtle looked like he was going to take a really high order. Hurdle is next. Few runs were more dreadful i saw. I thought he he looked kind of wanna miss He traveled well. He find tons of pressure animal. She really went back on your side. That that leopardstown very high granted ambassador wrists on the in the future tompkins on a liberal senator with christmas amended that hardy uses various Even find anything well sobriety. That's all This isn't i thought he was a toll midseason but then is possibly may be needed to run in the hardest. I run since december. He looked some right. Bunch of the horsey walls stanton entre sign thrown announced the crack of their Only justin is By jazz away On the player. Bobby one but again he finds trendy for pressure Annouced vessels that i that i thought he was emergencies. Saad i don't know what the issue was grind heavy grind when he won the tissue leeann But some i think kind of Nineties find as michigan. He's five points i think. One forty is very fairmont taking balance He's going to do better. Still i think maybe he just you know. He was broadcast growing midseason. You know he's is only five year old. He's he's got a chasers pedigree. Chances billed as well. I might just need a little bit more time. But the that he runs on debut suggested there's some there's a big race over hurdles before he goes on this might be. It could shut rory and definitely we putting komi laraine into the trifecta. I'm be no means trying to stir anything up. Here i just. I'm thinking of the fact that colombo warrior was an ex shark online horse. Who will you mullins trained to in the galway hurdle. Is there a chance. Danny the shark can get revenge on willie in the william owens cast off sky ace by taking that horse to go and win the galway hurdle. I'm not trying to stir the pot. I really like the source. What do you think donny can sky. Get the job done for the shark. Scott giving her dean chance a in his ability a wonder has she got the the speed for for this type race. Is the big question she. She's very tough. I'm you know she. She has ability. I wonder now where she just be taken off her feet area on you know ferry hosts she gallows she. She groaned all the way to the finish. Mayors harland showed as ronan into n. Gallop on geno sheet she holding in there to to run wild four back to punchestown two and a half miles off too heavy down royal possibly two miles up. They're still on the south side. But the might be your only reason to say she has speed. Its own see another reason. It'll be fantastic shock to win Nobody's don't witter is it's a credit to him and it's great for the game Things like that can be done. Just wouldn't be jumping up and down boat or for the goal the harder it is to come into the point that we're the prices beginning to erode Hunting say she. She's going to be buying there. She has a chance of everton. Falls our way you know. She's probably in their of a nice enough weight Just think that she doesn't have the pace for race. Be going to hard. Summer handicappers More geldings in the lakes are just the For in and the estate of as the lads have had a great journey with her and they want to have a crack at the iconic race. But what she did turn up in the two six race later in the week. I give her a winning chance in that. But i just can't seem to think of or having a winning chance. Hartill law right all right fair enough. I have to say. I'm going with skies. She is my pick. I think the way the ground is gone and the vibes from the yard. I i can't really get away from her. And i completely see where both of you are coming from. It is going to be a very competitive race. It's going to be a proper tough renewed with race as well. But i i refund here I think she's got a great chance and I think it'd be fantastic stories. Well off ten still nine sky would be the the picture me as i said the vibes very good So positive notes for milk would seal the near edge. Saudi even gets a mention Called me lowering for rory as well at donnie. Quick ward on the graded novice chase. This is the five forty five the race this just before that it's the rock shore novice grade three I know that this henry bromhead orson hear that. You're quite keen on henry. Bromhead mayor j lanes. She's being very good in what she's done so far few days now she's trying to nephew indifferent jumps put look very good around liberalized day and she'd probably the mall solid and most likely win. The race found a blues is unexperienced handicapper. Likes a good ground and the hill might just finish him off he. He just doesn't come home whether his race as that mice sought him most and others rabin video will nicely internal talk. I had covered another mayor. Release that they lady breath a Good winner of the race. Our foreign probably has improved for her to beat in online. The more you look through the race that gets. It's very hard to get away. Gentlemen lynch the don't dino and she's definitely improved caressing grinds so but turn very soul are But is it going. Saw the good that she'd be so both rory and danny in agreements on jenin line but ground of course dependent. I love that We'll talk about the feature race on the friday. This race is going to be live on. T. g. car in ireland. It will also of course. We live on racing tv five thirty. Galway danny mullins. Take it away. I have a feeling. I know who you're going to go for but Give us some insight. Drop grady's horse way will go with a ruler. Buddha's one way we're lookin' Improve mayor ten. Four rogue on Bottom wave in the race way. I think she's may most likely winner of us. My sister sayer a should run well around. Maybe in this race overheard in galway a last year. The year before could possibly be another one to come back and double appear still think ruled. Abboud has a real chance in. This is the fact that you're saying that and will you. Mullins has one this five times in the last ten years That's enough for me. Don't join us to go. Another a rory has springer rory.

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