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The indians tonight at safeco field at seven ten and for skipper scott service he says he has the best most versatile offensive lineup that he's had here we've got some guys again we can run we power guys control the strike zone very well so that leads to a lot of runs this year it's the most diverse offense inside that we can we can go out at a number of different ways it's not gonna hit homers every night you're gonna find other ways we can do the amount of night for the opener king of felix for the m's and corey kluber will go for the tribe and all time great for the new york mets passing away on this opening day at the age of seventy three rusty staub had a career that spanned twenty three major league seasons he was a six time all star a crowded washington husky quarterback room lost one candidate on the first day of spring practice more from komo's bill swartz daniel bridge gad transferred to northern arizona which means youngsters j hainer colson yankovic jacob sermon will all compete to be jake browning primary washington quarterback up browning says he'll support the freshmen but he's focused on self improvement looking to divert energy from me china have the best senior year i can you know helping hopefully you guys definitely as a resource whenever they need waiting in the wings former lake stevens star jacob easson who cannot play this fall after transferring from georgia bill swartz on the home of the huskies komo news a lot more sports in thirty minutes i'm tom glasgow and our aaa traffic is coming up next i started going cold turkey at least when i'm in the car i know i shouldn't do it but it's so hard to stop my solution is simple i just don't do it there are lots of ways to stop yourself and others from texting and driving how will you stop brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council.

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