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Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on renter's insurance WABC traffic in transit and checking the driver the George Washington bridge on the inbound upper level way of leveling construction on the Manhattan side of the spent until eight on Saturday morning and that is affecting the arrived right down from eighty ninety five look for potential delays southbound on the upper deck two lanes closed for construction under the apartments and that is affecting the ride on the westbound pros fronts heavily delayed coming across the Alexander Hamilton bridge over to the Holland and Lincoln tunnels no to life alternate side parking rules will be in effect for Saturday good construction on the Queensboro bridge it's the lower on the roadway to queens that will be closed until six Saturday morning trouble on the west side highway it's a collision northbound at one hundred fifty eight street causing at least a twenty to twenty five minutes away from the one twenties hearing about trouble in New Jersey a vehicle fire in the garden state parkway it's north bend in union at exit one forty a the rifling closed and a right wing blockage in south Brunswick on route twenty seven north of Raymond wrote on Long Island watch for a police investigation on route twenty four foot closures on the southbound side just after the Long Island expressway that investigation continues until Rogers on talk radio seventy seven WABC world world world John Batchelor seventy seven W. ABC.

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