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New book new yorkers the first guest believe it or not is sally davies herself and we're also joined by photographer. Writer and fellow. Be an hr jill waterman. Welcome to sally a gel. Sally davies is a new york city photography if they ever was won her images of the site in east village just uis gotham and her work is appropriately in the permanent collection of museum of the city of new york and the new york city. Nine eleven memorial museum. Our archive was recently acquired by nyu and is now part of the downtown collection of fales. Library sally's photographs have been featured in the new york. Times and the new opposed among others and exhibited at bernard uchi meisel gallery in two thousand fourteen salary. See the citation from the city of new york for ongoing commitment to photographing the lory side and like all grey chronicles of new acceding. She's canadian wouldn't you know it. They go chill. Waterman has joined us on the podcast past years and has recently published insightful interview with sally which wigan referenced. Today jill is a photographer in editor and writer. And she's worked for photo district news and dna explorer and she's the author of the two thousand six book night and low light photography gills photo series. The new year's eve project has documented new year's celebrations around the globe for the past thirty seven years. You know jill. I think you would have gotten it right by now but okay. We'll have to talk a little bit again. Welcome to both of you to the show. Thank you great to have you rate the beer sally. This is a really really neat neat book. That captures a certain spirit. The new city mood of what got a photographer. More known for wandering the streets neighborhoods into the various homes in apartments of the city. And like what. What's the magic word for getting into people's apartments in this new york city. 'cause i've tried going over to strangers..

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