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Robert brandished his pistol aimed for jesse's head and shot him hitting him right behind the ear he fell to the floor dead he was only thirty four years old reporters and police reached the scene soon after robert and charles wanted their reward at first law men didn't understand he looked at the body then asked my god do you mean to tell us this is jesse james z distraught confirmed jesse's identity for the police this was how eightyearold tim and three year old mary learned for the first time that their father was actually jesse james jesse was so famous that thorns put his corpse on ice and sent it on a national tour before he was fine they laid to rest in eighteen eighty to his old friend john newman edwards published a loving obituary cemented jesse's image is a southern hero alongside that of abandoned the greatest outlaw in american history was dead the authorities never caught him in the end it was treachery and greed of his own men all of jesse's work to depict himself as a victim of northern tyranny in the robin hood of the south paid off folklore immortalised him as a romantic hero with countless films and movies recounting his robberies even during his life though jesse james was a figure associated with terror robbery and cruelty he was not shy about his approval for slavery or the ku klux klan jesse attacked public and private property and actively used his status and robberies to make political statements against the north and the union many of jesse's tactics would be considered terrorism today there are plenty of parallels with modern extremist groups and white supremacists jesse's actions along with other bushwacker outlaws left a mark on the civil war and continuing political.

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