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Up to earth marie justice department has filed a lawsuit to block at and t's merger with time warner time warner on cnn lawsuits filed in federal court today in dc and it's according to the lawyers for time warner at t this is unusual to 85 billion dollar deal it's what the cult vertical merger asked so miles what that means idle the abetted says importantly they will have a huge media empire ride cnn warner others epo i mean they've they've to own just a a mammoth a monstrous size media company of the c o of randall stevenson the ceo of at t says that uh there's really nothing unusual to see here for example net flicks they distribute their content you over over one hundred million customers amazon's distributors content to its prime members that's estimated to be in excess of sixty million google on facebook they reach and distribute content to literally billions of customers and the government contends that at t with twentyfive million tv customers and turner with a single digits share of all media watched we'll have unlawful market power so it they're saying that even though this is a large conglomeration it doesn't it it pales by comparison in audience numbers and in terms of total reach right but there are as they be able to calm control what people watch and how they watch and so they'd had the delivery sign of it as well as well but it but comcast as that too right comcast owns nbc and out that said they're saying unload here there they said direct tv or turner which is cnn and then we would potentially be more puts then right but then but the question is why are you asking us to unload see an enemy at t brought that up today so before i hear this over the legal teams i do want to address the elephant in the room here there's been a lot of reporting is speculation whether this was all about see cnn and frankly but.

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