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Yeah and if you want ads some pieces around blake bortles co get him some protection free of litter for net i think daniels actually be a really good right guard he would be a lot like zack martin not maybe not that level but same tight player the guy that played center in college and i'll say this about like the jags because there are team that i really struggle with when it comes mock draft time could you go down the board and you're like okay we're there needs interior line maybe depth that receiver linebacker and then you look at what's available well right especially with you taking me jefferson right in front of them he would have been a good fit there at middle linebacker blue would have been thought james daniels there minnesota vikings i think we're about to have run on some offensive lineman here buddy i'm going to go colt miller ucla and i hate to do this to my patriot fan friends because he would have been a great pick for you at thirty one the vikings seem like they continuously need offense of line help kirk cousins not the most athletic guy in the world he's gonna need some help and i know that like riley re from mike remers did a pretty good job last year there stopgaps colt miller could be your longterm left tackle yeah he'll fit right in there in minnesota atmosphere definitely will and now you have the new for green bay they have you seen the bill belichick pro day tour he's been like every coach and everybody up so it's funny because now agents will text me be like checkers at the pro you know he likes our guy he's every program and yeah and he even told bradley chubb he's like we pick it thirty one don't worry about it you'll be long gone so i love that about him so pick number thirty one here i'm going with a linebacker in correct me if i'm wrong here herald landry's still on the board is still available yeah i'm gonna take the best available edge rusher here give them hair landry he just seems like a patriot guy he really does especially if he falls this far jesus that's like hair landry sam hubbard there's so many patriot type guys they've quietly been really good this off season added adrian clayborn and danny shelton to that d.

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