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It's why you have them on your roster for speed and defense. He came in Jarrod Dyson. He's your Dave Roberts. He's your one Peres. I dunno you name here, Kelvin Tomlinson. I dunno. Matt Duffy somebody who has some speed who can who can come in from second score around which he did on the buyers. RBI double terrorist. Gore gets hit by a pitch it then gets reviewed and he was not hit by the pitch. It was just Chris Guccione the home plate umpire the rest is history. A game for the ages. Cal free. Even with the best pitch game in the history of the Colorado Rockies. Here's my favorite note from last night coming into the ballgame. John Lester, by the way. Now has not one either of the wild card games. He started the other one the big loss for the Oakland A's back in two thousand fourteen but coming into the game. This was his twenty fifth playoff appearance. He had more appearances in the postseason himself in the Rockies did as an entire franchise about that the as will get underway tonight in another wildcard game. I'll be glued to my television, this one I think everybody's more excited about this one the Rockies and the cubs people saying an improbable win for the Colorado Rockies, maybe because of the three games in three days. Maybe it's because the cubs had to lose two in a row at home for this to happen. Maybe watch a little more west ball. I wasn't shocked by the way, the Rockies played only shocked by the fact that they didn't have more runs scored. Oh, absolutely. I was just more shocked that they didn't put four or five of them up there. You look at that line at the top of the lineup you'd pick that against anybody. I think in all of baseball Charlie Blackmon, DJ LeMay, Hugh Nolan or not oh Trevor story. Those are the first four hitters in your lineup. I'll put those four against the Astros up. Against the Indians. I'll put them up against the Yankees who Liam Hendriks of your Oakland Athletics is gonna face tonight. I think they I think they're over thinking this thing. Dave, I really do. I think the as are doing the thing that I hate Joe Madden does or they try to reinvent the wheel reinvent baseball. And I'm not having it. We'll break it down a little Oakland as wildcard game talk coming up next in the leadoff spot on the sports leader. NBR's.

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