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Hawkeye in marvel's avengers a little over a week ago. And so you've been saving this interview to time it with the release of the deal and we hope you enjoy it and now comes to the really fun part of the show. We are super excited. You know him as huck. I in marvel's avengers who's deals. He is about to drop. We are joined today by giacomo. Genuity di giacomo. Thank you for joining us today. From excited we are both super excited for this know. Avengers is a game that we heavy and hard when it first launched. And i know that that is so cool and it's so cool that there with all the extra stuff that they're starting to add so let me start as winded hawkeye. Come onto your radar. And what was that. Process like to land this role. Yeah i been wanting to work with these guys for a long time. And i'm such a huge fan of square inex- even before when when they were square soft many years ago when i was a kid and this is a big game. You know there hasn't really been an adventure game There had been you know. Video games with different types of avengers might john spiderman things like that but a true. You know everybody together of interesting really been made it so. This is an exciting kinda first step into that and i had originally given a different character in the game but You role was too large in my schedule was too busy with with grey's anatomy in so i i was sad that i was going to be a part of it but then the next came back saying we have another character. That has a lesser commitment. But a a really great fan favorite character. Would you be interested in playing hawkeye. And i was like oh my god i love guy as ing in an definitely a favorite of mine as well and so the great so that we just started putting the plans together to to find the time in carve out the time we my schedule to too slowly chip away at this role offer this. Dlc and It's an exciting character in chapter in the game. And i think what they're doing in terms of you know instead of creating all these sequels to these games which has been sort of the model of before now creating a game that can continue to reinvent itself released downloadable content and just a gain that keep giving is cool new model for gaming that i opened the other games will also follow suit. Yeah definitely agree with that. It certainly adds to that value that you feel like you're getting it initially and it adds that experience you know. I'm always interested because hawkeye has obviously seen his fair share of integrations in different mediums. How much of that do you pull in. And what were you looking to interject to kind of lake. Set this.

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