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Y. A. M. Schenectady W. G. Y. F. M. all the the capital region's breaking news traffic and weather station listen anywhere on I heart radio an exchange of ideas I'm Lisa Ellis Sarah fox news a familiar theme at tonight's presidential debate fox's Jared Halpern explains live there for a second straight night health care any dish they top issue for Democrats on the debate stage former vice president Joe Biden critical of more progressive Medicare for all proposals arguing in a scene in the bay in for an expansion of the affordable Care Act passed during the Obama administration senators Kirsten Gillibrand in column a Harris are offering variations of Medicare for all legislation as a way to reduce or eliminate the power of private health insurers Lisa Garrett a new round of sanctions against Iran this time targeting foreign minister Mohammad Javad circuits are even Zarif was dismissive of the action saying it would not affect him the round of China trade talks is over there's no deal but there is optimism coming out of the White House the US and China will resume trade negotiations in Washington in early September the White House press secretary in a statement writing that the two countries discussed increasing Chinese purchases of US agricultural products as well as intellectual property rights and non tariff barriers in the latest talks the White House called the latest meetings constructive and that it expects negotiations on an enforceable trade deal to continue this week's two day meetings in Shanghai we're the first in person trade talks since a truce was reached at the G. twenty summit in June boxes John decorate the White House knew we newly released search warrants show the suspect in the attack on the California synagogue during a Passover service in April was inspired by a mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand the documents released today show suspect John T. Ernests expressed regret in a text message that he missed seeing the live stream video of the New Zealand killings and praise that shooters.

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