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In the nation's capital. Brought to you by patient first positions, X rays, lab tests and prescription drugs with 20 D C. Metro Area Medical Center. Medical It's 11 41. Now. The Supreme Court's conservative majority delivered victory to Republicans yesterday, refusing to reinstate the lower court order that would have allowed for counting of mail in ballots received after Election Day in Wisconsin. CBS campaign reporter Keira Corti is following the case last night. Supreme Court enforce the Election Day deadline for mail in ballots regardless of postmark. In response, officials at the Wisconsin Election Commission publicly urged voters to ignore the in place October 29th absentee ballot request deadline because officials there know that there's very little chance of a voter's ballot counting if they're not even requesting it until the 29th Last. Great Chief Justice John Roberts joined the Liberals on the court in preserving a similar order in Pennsylvania. 11 42 Sports Betting is a growing industry in the D C area, and it's showing up as a referendum on the Maryland ballot next week. Well today in part two of our Siri's betting on the future, we look at how things were going in one place where you can already make illegal wager. The district. By now, sports betting was supposed to be raking in tens of millions of dollars for the district, but it hasn't worked out that way. I think that's largely due to the pandemic, and then as well. It was a rocky start with some litigation that stalled the implementation. But D C council chairman Phil Mendelson says despite the criticism the city has gotten. It's a concern that the revenues were not what we expected. On the other hand, I think it's too early to judge that it has not worked right. But those who work in the gaming industry strongly disagree while D C legalized physical sports books at venues like Capital, one arena, as well as some bars and restaurants that still ARDS up and running. Yet the only mobile app you can use citywide is run by the D C. Lottery competition tends to bring better promotions and bonuses for consumers tends to bring better pricing, but the district government decided not to allow online competition. And what people hate about the city's APP is the pricing and odds that they get. Chris Grove is a partner of islands and cry Check Gaming, a gambling research and consulting firm, he says. Normally, the online market is 345 times the size of what retailers and yet the sports book at Capital One arena. Some more people stand in line and bet exponentially more in cash last month during a pandemic that you have that kind of sports book out performing an online sportsbook. Speaks volumes. Now the city's APP does generate more tax revenue, even if far fewer people use it. Which is one reason why city leaders aren't calling it the failure that gamblers in the gambling industry say it is next. We'll look at Virginia, which is taking a much different approach than the district, John Dome and w T O P News, 11 44. I am Rich Mackenzie, owner of Metropolitan Bathroom Tile, you've seen those ads were a company covers over your old bath tub and tile walls with a molded plastic.

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