Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Post, Judge Mark Walker discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Okay, fox. This is in the Palm Beach post. Don't hold me to this. As of about forty five minutes ago. I federal judge. Has denied a motion for an injunction filed by Democrats to remove the state's deadlines for machine and manual vote recounts in the US Senate Gobert Oriole and agriculture Commissioner races. He ruling by US district. Judge Mark Walker is especially bad news for Palm Beach county whose antiquated ballot counting machines overheated Tuesday night, forcing her to redo one hundred seventy five thousand ballots. Walker's ruling keeps today's three pm deadline intact. But also a deadline Sunday to complete a hand recount in the Senate contest if needed between staple face and governor, Rick Scott. The hand recount this is what they want though. The hand of the manual recount is what they've always wanted to get to. So the machine recount deadline was not extended. Bad news for Pompey. Why is it bad news republics county? Bad news for Palm Beach county, Democrats, but the Palm Beach post is one of those so. Bad news for Palm Beach county. So the deadline. They can't county balanced beyond eight minutes from now three o'clock other than. Hamda ballots Sunday deadline to complete a hand recount in the Senate race if needed based on what the recount today. Shows. But this is gonna be appealed they'll appeal this wherever they can't. Hello. Hello, Florida Supreme Court. Another can't is a federal judge. They have to take it up to a federal appeals court at any rate. Ladies and gentlemen, the holiday season brings about some great deals at both retailers and online sites. Black Friday sales cyber Monday deals for some companies. It's the single biggest day of the year, some companies get ahead of it. And you the consumer are the beneficiary and our friends at simply safe are one of these companies that want to get ahead of all of this. With their own deals before black Friday..

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