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So they were prepared maybe they're prepared by the team in an abundance of caution. And some members of the team thought, it would be helpful. But at the end of the day, Bob Muller thought of his task is narrow and didn't think that he should be dictation to Bill bar or anyone else? What in fact should be released? That's the best sense. I have things, but there's another interesting thing related to your question to your point that Bill bar said in his testimony before the house this week. And that is that even though Bill bar did not consult with Bob Muller and his team in the preparation of the letter the four-page letter and Bob Muller and his team were not involved in the preparation of that letter bar did say that he offered Muller the opportunity to take a look at the letter before it was released and Bob Muller declined that request. That's sort of interesting in various people have different views of what that means. It seems to me pretty smart move by Muller probably thought his report speaks for itself, and that should become public in some form at some point in the future. And why allow Bill bar or someone else to say that Muller took a look at the summary and implicitly approved the summary. It's a very difficult thing. I think if you've written a three or four hundred page report to think that four page summary. Does it Justice especially given as you say in your in your question that they had prepared their own summaries? Probably better for Bob Muller to let Bill bar own his own summary and for Bob Muller to own his own report. And we'll see how those things compare if and when they become public by the time the next day tuned episode drops next Thursday. I imagine we'll know the answer some of these questions, so maybe I shouldn't be making predictions now. But it sounds like from bars public testimony. It sounds it. We'll have more reductions than perhaps necessary because among other things people have been speculating about whether Bill bar would choose to seek an order from a court. To allow the release of certain grand jury material that is something that's provided for in the rules. Although there is some debate about whether or not it applies to a congressional proceeding or applies to an impeachment proceeding or applies preliminarily to an impeachment proceedings. So putting that all that debate aside, they'll bar seem to settle the question of whether he was going to seek an order, basically, putting it on the chairman of the judiciary committee who he claims has equal, right and responsibility and opportunity to make that petition to the court. So I imagine that what is produced publicly will be heavily redacted. There'll be fights about it. It sounds like Bill bar is providing to the public exactly what he intends to provide the congress, and you can have a big debate on whether or not congress deserves to have a less redacted version than the public, especially folks who were the chairs and ranking members of the judiciary committee in the until committee who I think are entitled to see a version of the report that is not redacted for classified information ongoing investigations..

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