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Doesn't magic magic hello and welcome to flintoff savage and the being bombed guy that's me matthew side some more meets you tell peaks we're gonna talk sandpaper gate sporting humiliations and some of the charity work we've done he's a hashtag fred southside suggest future topics before we get going let's talk about what we normally talk about which is what we're not over the last week involving fred you of had big weeks yeah we have my view mind's gone from the ridiculous to the sublime i was desperate the way around yeah that's the way a right way round sublime to the ridiculous now the dickey's to the sublime nova system a weaker finishing the week soup limelight with sport relief i wanna start with what happened to mail monday which is i would say the most sublime yetlis abuse i've all you have solo life ever ever use a footballer you put birmingham you put up blattman lester for wales robbie savage and this unsettle is this is this is this is this is good uncalledfor i abuse about so busy i don i was going to watch a game of football so come off the most way to the junction this guy went past me pulled up the traffic lights about maya later two lanes so i was outside lane this cop pulled and inside and he was stand at the car so i said this time the gentleman next as you stare at us and i thought stance that he's looking at the car.

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