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Who do you have. I grenade for you house. Already mentioned it. I'm going to go ahead and throw it out. I know james looked brilliant against the fucking jacksonville. Jaguars fast one of the worst teams in the nfl. And keep in mind. Those passes he threw passes no doubt about it. We're talking about some ridiculous catches that callaway had to make to bring those in. So let's let's put that off the side but for me. I'm going to go with the saints. I don't dislike the colts. They were on my list as well. But for the saints. Here's my big issue with the saints. No matter how we ended up slicing it. I know james looked looked pretty good but i believe that the saints are going to inevitably end up running the football a little bit more because drew brees isn't there and there's a little bit less trust in the quarterback situation without drew brees and when that happens what is going to be the result is it's going to be difficult to maintain efficiency on early downs when you're passing less than inevitably you're going to be facing more third down attempts and those third down attempts on average are going to be longer yards to go than they were last season and as a result your offense overall is going to be worse. It's going to be faced with these more third down attempts with longer yards to go which are obvious passing situations which then the defense can pin their ears back. You're gonna get sacked more often. You're going to turn the ball. More often throw interceptions or sack. Fumbles and this is a recipe for disaster for team like the saints. That was just so good with drew brees at playing on schedule eliminating turnover staying ahead of the sticks and fix efficiently moving the football down the field. I simply think that you're gonna have jamie's and a little sprinkle of tastes. And and i just i just don't like the involvement of tastes them. I don't think this is anywhere close to the situation. You may have in san francisco. Where is the jimmy. Garoppolo show early in the season but will insert a little bit trae lance which has some really high upside plays in. You can actually throw the football down the field. This is like a totally different version. That haysom is bad okay. Charlie shirt tastes hymns. Tastes them say young. Qb like trae. lance no no taste is. He's thirty years old. That got information. I didn't realize it was thirty. He is old and look. I mean god bless him you know. He's he's he's probably a really nice guy but the reality is she is not a quarterback in the modern air football. He's fine for like line. Runs short yardage drawn. You kind of are very predicted on the field. A little bit like cam newton yet much worse as a passer. In my opinion i knew. You're big on a big mac and down kipton. I have seen came. I'm a huge mack. Jones fan we could talk about mack. Come on i four. We do that. I'm gonna break out an old pack of cigarettes for back. Jones subjects ob so giddy about backbones. I can't even talk about. So here's the case for free estimate on thursday on the saints for them actually going over. That breeze really held them back last year. Because brees was just bad bike. He couldn't through passes. And if you if your banking on this this marquez. Calloway who everybody is. You know having a circle jerk about as like the sleeper fantasy receiver of all time this year. Just becoming michael thomas and then you can somehow right the michael thomas ship at some point during the season and james has the ability to fling the ball around. You got sean payton and the whole thing like you don't think they could still go ten and seven will look i. I think i think yours the issue with james okay. Let's take it back to your team. The patriots how did i know it's slightly different situation. Not a perfect parallel. But tom brady without rob gronkowski in two twenty nineteen and with shit receivers in two thousand nineteen looked terrible right. Like let's be honest. He did not look good whatsoever. Then he goes down to. Bruce arians offense in tampa bay. And he's got mike evans and he's got chris godman. Of course gronkowski comes back. But he's got a lot of good wide receivers that are in tampa and he looks like a million bucks will guess where james looked like a million bucks in the offense that all on brady looked good. Now what is james going to in new orleans. I love sean payton. And if the saints make the postseason and potentially make iran. He's coach of the year. In my opinion you've got to maybe get a little bit down on a future for sean payton coach of the years and outside shot if the saints end up doing something really well but from a grenade perspective james now going here. Calloway seems to be a stud. But he's completely unproven. Who the hell knows when. Michael thomas is gonna come back and the rest of that. Receiving core is one of the worst in the nfl. They just lost their tight end. Trautmann for a little while like i think this receiving core is very bad. Clearly in my opinion they're number. One receiver is going to be the running back alvin kamara. He's going to catch the most passes there. That's far from an ideal situation to game plan and offense around. We're talking about james like pushing the ball down the field and like giving more of an arm shrink but i think the guys catching the most passes closer. Linux scrimmaging alvin kamara so. I don't disagree that he's going to be able to do some things that drew brees couldn't do but i'm also not convinced that all the sudden is smart. Decisions are going to be there. All the negative decisions are going to be gone. He's not going to turn the ball over. He's not gonna take bad sacks he's not gonna fumble the ball so i think there's a lot of potential for the saints to go under their win total which is nine and a grenade..

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