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Put out a candidate responses contest various questions related to foreign policy and one of those questions was do you support a two-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict and while they you manifestly those were asked by cf are said that they do in fact supporters Tuesday pollution they go into a lot of Buea interesting detail about you know what is the relationship between the Israelis and the Palestinians what is the US role. Are we allowed to be a broker are we currently is perceived as an honest broker. there are a lot of really touchy details. that can't be parts out by a bird dogging kind of question asked while somebody's trying to take a Selfie and I think that it it behooves the Jewish community read wired whatever side of the spectrum you're on to not allow this issue to be AH minimized to the point of a conversation around a selfie right we need to have bigger longer more intense conversation about these issues news and and I don't think if not now is allowing for those conversations to happen or enabling the Jewish community to have the by doing this sort of bird dog tactic check one thing that many people have noted over the first couple rounds of debates is that there really hasn't been much of a focus on on foreign policy in the vein vein of those council on Foreign Relations questions that you said what are the questions that we would like to hear posed and the foreign policy questions that we would like to hear posed in the next debate in in September This is a great question. I think that this will happen. I don't WanNa make it sound like I'm pinning this on on certainly not the candidates but not even the media because the debate the largely are a response to what the nation wants to hear but even more specifically we're the debates are located and what that particular constituency wants to hear right so we started in. Miami and it was a Telemundo broadcast as well well of course there was gonNA be a lot of conversation about immigration migration etc in this most recent round within Michigan's of course. We're talking talking about healthcare manufacturing the workforce issues around race so I think that we will get there. I don't think it's even someone say assigned signed that the foreign policy issues aren't first and foremost of importance or on the minds of these candidates eventually at their although we people say that it's it's interesting that multiple candidates these sort of used the phrase our house is on fire dig on on the current administration but also sort of saying there's so many pressing issues within our borders on the domestic front that you know these these have to kind of come first but in terms of the questions that AJC ask I think we have to first and foremost start with questions about the US's role in the world world period question about you know what is principled American global leadership mean what's the US role when it comes to the when when the European Union NATO international treaties an obligation the protection and promotion of Human Rights sort sort of that big picture question of what is America's role before we can even get down into into the other issues right because we're GonNa talk about what what America's role with regards Israel or what's America's role with regards to combating antisemitism where worldwide or even the most clear example what can be America's role in negotiations with Iran post withdrawal from the joint comprehensive ends a plan of action it has to start with where is America now. Are we reading. Are we taking a backseat. What should our leadership will look like. What's the role of Dr Allies which of all the multilateral institution well. Julie will certainly be watching this as the months tick by we get closer and closer to actual votes being cast and caucuses being held in the Democratic primary. Thank you so much for walking us through the state of play today. It's my pleasure Asia.

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