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And the idea is that they write in this. Guestbook that's at this retreat. Right. So we run bare feet retreat, which is the place that everyone staying give them the keys, and they write in the guest book about their experience. And so every episode is a new experience with the new exciting guest. Right. So that's basically and the first season. It's kind of one of those things where you you can totally and you probably should watch the first season. But the second season could stand alone there. There are things that reference the first season, but it kind of is an enthralling series, right, right? Is it like you have to watch the episodes in order or is each episode its own encapsulated story. Well, if you want to like, watch my arc unfold. Probably in order. Right, right. But, but yeah, you can you can totally watch it if you're just, you know, flipping through the channels. Yeah. We'll you shake everybody knew you have to watch the whole thing every second that you're in it. So I want to ask about your orange is the new black character, and how how much do you identify with Brooke was her name? Right. Who's like, very like, passive resistance will hippie like, you know, all of the that kind of stereotype how much did you was that you I feel like at the time? I was closer to the character. And I am now. Now, you're like, they're just fucking pro-war. No, no, no. I used to use a lot of natural product right right now shit like that and like tried meditating and stuff, and I I want to. Still like, I think I've just kind of accepted the fact that I'm I'm not that way. But like I want I I know it would be helpful. You know, if I was like, really earthy, Ian shit. Yeah. Yeah. I I don't know. I actually said this to my boyfriend, Mike, I really am glad that I didn't play brook in two thousand eight. Is that what have been a whole different? I was hated at the time. But I think I would have been like hated people. Oh my God. That's character. The things I would have had to say that's true. I think also like the thing about being in a Netflix show is that like people spend shows come out a year apart for like, you know, show like orange is the new black comes out, you know, once a year, but like people will binge it and like two days. Yeah. So you're like spending a lot of time with these characters at once. So it's like, it's it's a lot easier to develop very strong opinions very quickly in that moment. So I can I can understand the concern is what I'm saying. Yeah. Yeah. I also wanna ask about lies on demand. Right. So for those who doubt now lies a Koshi is one of the biggest YouTubers in the world. She's like the beyond save you. She is the beyond say of YouTube, and she so how does show on YouTube Brad called lies Endre man, which kind of plays like I kind of task rabbit person who does different characters in each episode, and you are roommate rate. Yeah. I'm here. A lot of people were watch maybe not on YouTube. But might not think, oh, I'm gonna watch YouTube show. It is genuinely shit show. Yeah. But what was the experience like of making a show on on YouTube, and then like the reaction to it? I I didn't see any difference while I was going through it wrote the process of making it wasn't different president TV show. I mean, the production of TV show. Yeah. So it it was very similar and then the after the..

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