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Make your reservation right now, we want you to do that You, don't want you to miss what could be our last chance get together with. One of these memorable events and. You've, heard. From our callers who were there in Seattle you've heard what. Kind of events these are here is Chuck in Powell Butte Oregon on. The Tom leykis show hi Chuck Hello, tom Hello. Chuck Just wanted to, thank Again you and Gary for the event and Seattle This is this. Was deferred third dinner, I've been to your. Call, I was in Portland I was in Napa Last year and now now my hometown of Seattle which. I don't live there anymore. But it was great, to go back and The go-to palisade with the place, that hasn't been in twenty years or more Have a great dinner and even better you know reconnect with a lot of old acquaintances. I've met through the show and even better than that. Meets several, new ones I met. Some really cool people had some great conversations in fact I got so engaged I never even had a chance to say Hello to you I know I. Know I, saw you cross the. Room yes yeah yeah you know afterwards it dawned on me There's a guest I, should have brought this young man I know could benefit greatly not only from carrying, what you have to say but even more so the stories that are shared, at those events by other, people it has sure you carry a lot. Of, weight, in. Terms of your, opinion but to here It being applied and then as a source of success, for personnel personnel person you know I think would be very inspiring so I may, buy another ticket and bring somebody else can get travel arrangements to one of, your future ones So just wanted to say that on and before it absolutely Yeah and before, before I go I want to give a. Hint, for Rebecca, the. Unmarried independent, woman you spoke to. Earlier yes I. Think yeah. I mean your advice, is great it was hilarious it was it, was very? Entertaining but I would I would add to it you know Stop, worrying about the destination and focused on a. Journey, I think, one. Of the, big problems with women. And I certainly. Experienced it. Myself more than once, but they had that obsession with marriage more. Accurately Iraq With like the wedding, day Sadly they put so much energy into that. One thing in their life they begin to see. It as, a finish line you know they never think about what happens afterwards and they just assume it'll be like that all the Disney bullshit they bought into and they were a little, girls and, they'll have, that you know most absurd five. Word phrase in English language. They lived happily ever after you know that that isn't how it works You know your. Your wedding is your start not your. Finish you know and there's so, much more to life that if you just kinda run into something with. Somebody you know we've this is kind of almost. A kernel, of so many of these stories that are told that the events as well as the the the germ of a lot of these calls you deal with is you know you, kinda rush, into something, with somebody you don't even know. You don't even know what. You want you don't even know you are You know and then then you join your life with somebody and you, know there's, you're, not even fully formed human beings so this woman sounds very smart sounds very intelligent you sounds very successful like quit worrying about the, outcome worry about enjoying your day today today today you're feel your, bullpen ideas, certainly part of that but also quit. Worrying about what people. Think about you worry about what you. Think about yourself focus on yourself Focus on you know growing yourself and, loving yourself and all those things that you. Tell us, as. Men apply equally to. Women and. Then. You, know maybe, somewhere along, the. Way you'll finally meet. Somebody that we'll be. Everything even out of, your bullpen, or not as the case may be it doesn't matter because you're, focused, on yourself so there you go Rebecca. That's my hint and I just. Wanted to thank..

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