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What really did Uh, the box in with their lack of three point shooting the sun 50%. Even with the Bucks team, I think that out, I'll play them in the paint. I think I saw that where they score most points in the paint. They were horrible from downtown. Um and then Bobby Portis. He has like this home and away single were like he plays well at home. The fans keep them going, But he was ghost. Two points and five minutes. Um, that's got to change. Uh, Middleton. Even with not scoring a ton of points still almost tripped totally triple double, But that car Nixon was kind of their saving Grace 14 points in that game. This is a series where Actually the bugs really need an injured Dante Di Vincenzo. And he's not It hurt the first round that you know. Here we are now. That's a really good point. When Pat Connaughton is just saving grace, things aren't going the way anybody thought in this series. You tweeted out a picture just a little bit ago. Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny. Where are you on Space Jam? Two. Let's get to the real talk here like you win on Space Jam. Two. Uh, I gotta kind of got a sneak peek of it. I think people will like what they see. I will tell you that. You know LeBron's, uh, moved to l A with some ingenious um, because in 2018 when he was making his decision on where to go? Um, you know, that was one of the many projects that he was working on. And, you know, I kinda was clued in on that and I'll tell you that. I think you kind of have to observe Space Jam two as a As in the same way that some people should have looked at coming to America soon. You can't judge it based off the first its own thing. That's fair. And that's why frankly, I never saw coming to America too. I was too scared. Like coming to America is too much of a cultural icon for me to take any chance to anything lessons that in any way in my mind. So, yeah, my way to do. I'll try it a little bit. Follow him on Twitter at Scooby Man, We appreciate your time. Your insight Thanks so much for joining me how to fund conversation really appreciate the fact that we finally get to hang out, my friend. Thank you so much. Brother. Thank you for the opportunity to be myself. I talk too soon. I mean, this is the space jam thing. Look, I'm just gonna say that loud Space jam one Wasn't all that great, but you know, that's an age thing. I'll admit it like I had a problem with the voices, you know, right before that movie was made all of a sudden, obviously, the voice of so many of those characters from Looney Tunes passed away. The voices weren't right for me. I grew up with Bugs Bunny sounding a very particular way. It was often the movie that's It didn't work for me, so I'm not sure where I am on SpaceShipTwo, but I am sure The scoop. Had some great stuff against could be follow him on Twitter Straight ahead. One player in the NBA made comments that I think everybody should learn from, you'll hear. We'll tell you about it next pain and fits on ESPN Radio. Jason fits riding solo. You can't mess up chicken and waffles. Grady with.

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