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Important takeaway from this story is that our S L absolutely smashed L A by a final of six to two in doing. So RS L became the first team in Major League Soccer history to score six goals in two consecutive games. Both of which came by way of a win story. Number seven on our starting eleven and we go to Columbus in. Yeah. It's not the best time to be a Columbus Crew fan. You've got Alexi Lalas coming at you. You've got your owner trying to move you to Austin and well on the stadium scoreboard on Saturday night in Columbus. They were advertising tickets for a game from six weeks ago. They said Saturday July twenty first it's half price night as Columbus plays host to Orlando city s c yes, it is September. Yes. This is glaringly bad. But it's not that far off from the experience. I had in Columbus this year in which I did my call. From behind a goal inside a tent something that I have never ever experienced in Major League Soccer. Our eighth story on the starting eleven comes from Joey garrison who is a metro and political reporter for the Tennessee. And he says the metro council votes thirty one to eight to approve fairgrounds. Demolition Bill, clearing the way for the Major League Soccer stadium. This means that it seems there is nothing stopping Major League Soccer coming to Nashville. I think this is great Nashville has the young demographic. It has the big city appeal. It has an existing culture. It has a lot of things going for it. I think that Nashville is going to be a power in Major League Soccer. I know that myself I'm looking forward to traveling to Nashville, I think it's one of those cities along with Miami that every broadcaster Major League Soccer is looking forward to going to. But again, this is big news. As the metro council has voted thirty one to eight to approve the fairgrounds demolition. And Bill which clears the way for a Major League Soccer stadium. And by the way, can we all agree that this team should be called music city SC or music city f c that really seems like the only appropriate choice story number nine comes by way of an opinion piece from hope solo who is lamenting the lack of racial diversity among the United States women's national team. She writes in a story for the guardian we call ourselves the ponytail posse. Because that's what the United States women's national team was about the white girls next door. You want statistics toback it up barely more than a dozen female players have color have represented the United States at the highest level since nineteen ninety one something is broken. Some teammates believe there was a race issue within US soccer. I recall a conversation with one player who told me she thought coach had an issue with the color of her skin. She said she could feel it in her bones. She was the first person to tell me. Something like that. But it opened my eyes others have since told me similar things. So hope solo bringing up a rather valid point. There is not a lot of diversity amongst the United States women's national team. And it also backs up her earlier point that she's made along the last couple of months talking about the fact that soccer is now a rich white person's sport. So hope solo even though she is not the president of the US soccer is not stopping banging her drum to try and bring up issues. She feels are areas of inequality within the United States soccer world story number ten on. Our starting eleven is the United States women's national team coming into a stadium and getting a four nothing win over Chile. Carli Lloyd with two goals heard ninth international career, brace her one hundred and I in one hundred second career international goals. Also, Mallory puce quarter twelve women's national team goal and Tobin he added a strike in to assist the women's national team kicks off group. Play at the two thousand eighteen women's CONCACAF championship October fourth versus Mexico in Cary, North Carolina and story number eleven on. Our starting eleven is that the earth quakes will be hosting beer fest September fifteenth against sporting Kansas City, it will feature eight breweries including six local the bay area or the south bay. This is going to be happy. And as part of the game day activities for the match against sporting, Kansas City, all proceeds will benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society, the beer festival start at five thirty and a beer garden. Located in the seven up epicenter. It will last until kickoff. There will be beers from the following breweries Camino brewing company fall and brewing company. Hap is brewing company Hermitage brewing company. Log anita's brewing company Santa Clara valley, Bruin, strike brewing, company and warehouse, tat Rubin and Oakland. United beer works. I'm excited for this. You should be excited with this. I can't wait to see you out there on the fifteenth against. Sporting Kansas City with that said coming up next. We are going to talk to Daniel Spoerri of MLS soccer dot com about sporting Kansas City about the league and about the San Jose earthquakes and the improvements they can make heading into twenty nineteen..

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