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Health care workers are the top priority for the vaccines, along with the most vulnerable populations. Some health facilities in the valley are getting ready to roll out their vaccines later this week, every single movement will be important to ensure safety during the drive through distribution of the Corona virus vaccine at Dignity. Health. Where do I walk? After I give the vaccination even though I the safety needle in a covered so I have the quickest route to the Red Bend. Heather James with dignity, Health tells Katie are they've practiced foot traffic patterns Medical emergency protocol. And even what to do in case a car breaks down. The goal is to be able to administer 3600 vaccine today, Gabriel Gumming your key to our news. Arizona, turning into another coronavirus, hot spot again. 4134 new coronavirus cases and 64 new deaths reported today in Arizona. Hospital Metrics also continue to rise to dangerous levels. The Yuma ER doctor who was fired after tweeting that no hospital in Arizona was accepting transfer ICU patients join Katya, ours ghettos and Chad this afternoon, Dr. Cleavon Gillman says he does not regret sending out that tweet trying to be as informative as I have been in March and be honest about the situation on the front lines in the yard. Oprah Winfrey took notice. She's offered Dr Gilman and his family and all expense paid vacation. Once the pandemic is over. Traffic and weather now live from the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center through no crashes to report smooth sailing on the roads. The weather well, it's chilly tonight. 39 are expected low That's in Phoenix. If you're in southeast areas of the valley, you could freeze tonight. Tomorrow. Mostly sunny. I have 65 right now. 53 degrees in Phoenix. I'm Deborah Dale on Arizona's new station. K T. A R news inspired by state farm. Surprisingly great rates. It's so cheap. Yeah, I got a deal, let alone give it your average. Joe, like a good neighbor State farm is there Have been fed. That's a fact have been said That's a fact credit card purchases. Give me cash back for purchases. Give me cash that no one else gets. These reboard such and that.

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