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Come on news time. 1 36. It was a close call last weekend for a snowmobiler caught in an avalanche on Kalispell Peak in northeast Washington. Details from Como's Carleen Johnson Ryan Forsberg is a snowmobile instructor tells Caixa y. Came up to the base of Kalispell Peak and ran into some of his past students over the weekend. They said their dad was trapped in an avalanche on the northwest side of the mountain. The writers helmet had come off during the slide his mouth full of snow when he was struggling to breathe, But they were able to get him out pretty fast. They were able to write right down the avalanche and get him out of there pretty quickly. Forsberg posted cell phone video from the recovery of the snowmobile on Facebook. With a warning about conditions in the back country. You know everyone's wishes to come home that night, everybody they love. So just gotta say it was this time Last year, skiers accidentally triggered a deadly avalanche on Silver Mountain. Three lives were lost. Experts say anyone venturing into the back country needs to carry a transceiver, a shovel and a probe. Darling Johnson come on news 15 year old Yakama Girl who was the subject of an amber alert yesterday has been found safe. But in Nevada, she was found around 10 o'clock last night. Investigators say they stopped a vehicle connected to the case and detained a man who was with the teen. Police say they're still investigating how she ended up with him. Former University of Washington student body president is soon going to be part of the incoming Biden administration combos. Eric Heights, reports Crystal ball Alex has been picked to be President elect Biden's deputy Cabinet secretary. During the 2020 presidential campaign. He was a senior adviser to Biden. Prior to that role, Alex urges the founding president of the Latino Victory Fund. The El Paso, Texas native also worked at the Ford Foundation and was director of the national Campaign to restore civil rights. Our kinds come on news. Congress convenes tomorrow to certify the electoral college vote. But members of the House and Senate say they'll object to Joe Biden's victory in the presidential race. Local Democratic strategist Kathy Allen says the Georgia Senate race outcomes may influence What happens. Case scenario is that we know by the close of business that the two Democrats have taken over And then at that point, what happens is that Mitch McConnell says the only hope we have is to go ahead and make this as long as possible. Despite the lack of evidence and losing dozens of court challenges, President Trump still says he won the election. He prices the group of Republican lawmakers who plan to contest the certification of the results. With funding slashed for the Seattle Police Department and a dramatic increase in homeless camps. The Seattle City Council faces some big challenges in 2021 Kumble's Matt Markovich talked to council member Andrew Lewis. Most King County cities and unincorporated areas of King County started paying a sales tax increase on January 1st. Initially some of that money will be going toward the purchase of up to a dozen hotels and motels the house up to 2000, people that are experiencing homelessness. Um in Seattle, One City Council member has begun an effort to use city funds to rent an additional 300 holds. Tell rooms we are essentially is a city having a policy where on sanction encampments are the default shelter option for people experiencing homelessness that does not acceptable. And that is something that is within our power to change. The council also be taking up a proposal to extend the existing moratorium on evictions. It's currently expiring in March. Como's Matt Markovich, Amazon is buying 11 jetliners as it continues to boost its delivery network. The Boeing 7 67 3. Hundreds are being purchased from Delta and West jet with the goal of delivering orders shoppers faster. This is actually the first time that Amazon is outright purchased planes for its delivery network. They at least planes for several years. Previously, the 11 planes are gonna be converted too cold to hold cargo and then by next year Amazons Total fleet is expected to feature 85 planes. Couple news time. 1 40 time for an update on sports from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk, no time off for the playoff bound Seattle Seahawks. Here's bill players normally have Tuesday off for injury treatment and rest. But with Saturday's home NFC Wild card game coming up, it's work outmoded the V MAC, Seattle in L. A split their two regular season football games. Ram's head coach Sean McVeigh, says his team needs to finish their drives. We have to finish those drives in the Red area. That was something that hurt us when we played them the previous week, and that's gonna be a big focal point point of emphasis, and I trust that We'll get it fixed. McVeigh uncertain whether Jared Goff stomachs healed enough to play if not undrafted, free agent, John Woolford will start at quarterback. Covert 19 continues to impact college basketball. Duke head coach Mike She, chef ski now in quarantine after an exposure Gonzaga was to have played Santa Clara Thursday night. The Broncos have paused all activities because of Corona virus, so the number one ranked Zags will host BYU instead. And until expansion team Seattle crackin, adds two notable men to the front office. Long time Chicago Blackhawk executive nor McKeever is player personnel director and former Buffalo Saber. General manager Jason Botterill comes to the cracking as assistant GM Sports A 10 and 40 after the hour. Else. Words. Come on. There's a different future starts with you. That's why go, Daddy does more to help you find.

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