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I talked with wayne turner who had been on mobile staff up until this here obviously now with chris mack he's no honor on level staff and he was kind of talking about how he's on the hunt for another coaching job he really loves it and he's hoping to land on his feet steve my yellow i talked to cameron mills i mean there were so many people there and there are thousands of fans so that was a cool experience that's really cool i know those guys i mean they talk all the time like they mentioned on tech saying you know those guys keep up all the time and actually be together you know unsure that was such a fun time for those guys this weekend sure it was it had to be really cool for sure you you mentioned you know terry wilson sort of you know he he showed his flashes you know coach dukes he's like no we're not we're going to have all summer to make that decision could even you know essentially play both of those guys you think ultimately it will be terry wilson come that i first game of season if i had to guess right now like right the second i would say yes but there's really no no no i haven't been much of my life like analyzing the kentucky quarterback position when it was jalen whitlow or patrick tolls or morgan newton even jonathan and then governor hogan mean there's there's no way to really know but i think that terry wilson will be the starter in the first game yeah had to be positive stick on offense being aj rosie merge there obviously any snow that'd be nice if you had a little bit of health and cnn no at aj was able to do over one hundred and thirty four yards up a vegan yeah emerge when he came in but then he came in together and people thought that it was going to be aj rose kind of emerged that that guy his freshman year and he ended up richard yeah i would love to see kentucky have a two headed monster in the backfield at running back i think that would be great for their offense especially with the inconsistencies they've had it receiver in the past which you hope to see that improve as well but in the event that it doesn't it.

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