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In the US negotiations are expected to resume on Monday the US Supreme Court begins its new term today and the court has some big cases on the docket focusing on issues including abortion gun rights and immigration on Tuesday the court will hear arguments case focusing on whether federal civil rights law protects LGBTQ people from discrimination in the workplace the president's verts to cancel the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or Daca will be in focus next month the Supreme Court has also agreed to rule on abortion restrictions in the state of Easy Anna and the court will take up gun rights in December and its first major second amendment case in a decade the US and China are gearing up for the latest round kind of trade talks in Washington this week and our Josh Zoom Rune says there's a new wildcard in the mix I think one thing that really complicates it's all of this is the kind of impeachment drama in Washington there's a big question I think over whether or not this weakens the president in the is of Chinese who view him as politically vulnerable or if this maybe makes the president you know more inclined to be tough on China to kind of show some of the things the administration is doing I guess what we'd say is that impeachment is a big wild card you know this is already extremely unpredictable these trade negotiations have been predictable from the very beginning people who've tried to guess which way it's going almost always gotten it wrong and I think this adds just another degree of unpredictability to it still there are some signs of Progress I think you can say that there's too positive signs that we're seeing one is that the high level negotiators are back at the table. I mean this is the first time since July that we've had high level negotiations is going to be the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer Treasury Secretary and then China's top trade negotiators as well and this is a group that hasn't talked and I almost three months so that's a positive sign and the second positive sign is that China has started to buy more agricultural products in a in a meaningful way and we're starting to see some positive signs out of China they're really but buying soybeans they're buying pork again the US farm economy is really far away from I'm kind of recovered or back to health but this is kind of a step in the right direction that's The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zoom Brune negotiators from the US and China Anna are set to meet in Washington on Thursday and Friday there's a slump in the IPO market investors were optimistic at the start of the year beginning with P interest Zoom Uber and lift all making their debuts the ride hailing companies have since seen declines live stock has fallen forty six percent and for stock has declined thirty four percent last week also brought bad news from a highly anticipated company planning to debut Shared Office Space Company we were pull the plug after the company came under scrutiny and it CEO step down according to a research note from Goldman Sachs IPO stock performance is at its worst.

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