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That is a godforsaken part of the tri-state with crime. I think the US Marshall service United States Marshall service has declared Avondale and the West End, and OT are as targeted high crime areas because of the murders, the robberies the rapes and the drug sales. So now we have a benefactor who's a billionaire that says, you know what I'll spend a half a billion dollars putting a brand new stadium with fifteen hundred two thousand construction jobs right in the West End. And I'll guarantee to the residents of the West End millions of dollars of this, and that, and this, and that, so he starts buying up properties, he wants parking he wants other game day staging and I don't know how many games FCC place I think it might be home games. They might have like fifteen home games. So he's going to spend a half a billion dollars for. Fifteen events are you kidding me? And since he's announced that he's got nothing but asses and elbows from city council members whose only job, it is, is to kick ass take names for the social Justice warrior class and the Josh bring crowd, and those who are professional rabble-rousers. So now he's stuck next week. Councils got devote for this change of zoning, which is pro forma just on all the time, but until those fourteen residents or a month to month tenants get up to forty thousand dollars in cash. They're not moving instead of sitting council saying, you know what we have something in this country called the law. This is not our decision. That is the law that if you're a thirty day tenant at the end of thirty days you have to leave instead of council saying that they say to a multi-billionaire bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the city Cincinnati, we're going to force you to pay more bribes to those people. To get the hell out of their apartments that they have a duty to leave within thirty days. So Carl Linder because it's Carl and he's an religious county guy says, you know what? Live their free. The next six months don't pay any rent. Secondly, I'll tell you what, I'll handle all your moving expenses. Stacey moving and storage. I'll handle your expensive. And by the way, I'll give each year two and a half thousand dollars just walking around money. What do they say? Josh brings leadership. Hell no. They need more money than that. It's bribery. It's extortion coercion. And it's got to stop the worst class of politicians in American history. Is happening right now. Fortunately, we're not in danger of being invaded. Fortunately, there's no financial crisis happening right now. Fortunately one have a plague epidemic. Fortunately, there's no real crisis going on. But God help us all if Pelosi has to work with Donald J Trump, and Stephanie dumb ass has to work with Todd poor tune and city council really has a big decision. To make to look at the level of the understanding of the problem, and their depth of understanding of how the city county, our nations should be run. God help us all. Seven four nine seven thousand by the way, I wanna acknowledge the genie Gulick Gina Gulick have text here has spent exactly twenty nine years as a grade school, physics teacher in Madeira city schools. He could've advanced many times, she said, you know, I love being with the kids, a love being with seven eight nine years old. She's been a mother of three after twenty nine years of faithful loyal work to the citizens of this great nation. Ginny Gulick is retiring and today is her last day of work, but she said, I didn't work a day in my life. I love what I was doing teaching little children, physical education. But if you know, Julie genie Gulick, give her a call and tell her, she's the Bill Cunningham citizen of the day for her contributions to the American people. Your thoughts if any seven four nine seven thousand Bill Cunningham who's radio seven hundred w w. Seven hundred wwl w seven hundred wwl.

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