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Some people. You'll be very excited about that. I think it's great. It's fine I don't care at all like like that's nice for them. Yeah it's weird. It was it was a surprise to see that on the list of inductees for twenty twenty. I love to imagine engine Jon Landau pretended to be surprised. Me You Guy Acecomm lives. Who did this come on? Who did this says? I swear I said don't do it. I said don't don't give me the award but they did. Oh God I just have the best staff the greatest staff in in the world but yeah. That's it so there you go that that fully rounds out the class of twenty twenty why. It's so funny. This has been public information. I was like I wonder if Kristen saw. Aw It's like there's no way there's absolutely no way dark and it wouldn't even have to say nope especially because I've been off twitter for over a month now and it has been then. Yeah I'll go on there occasionally like onto the website twitter dot com laptop. I don't have the APP on Mike von Sometimes if somebody tweets at me. I'll get a toxin telling me that I'll go look and speaking of tweeting you can. Of course tweet at us at rock hall pod D- You can also email us. Rocco pod at G. L. Dot Com where Elsa Rock Hall pod on Instagram. Kristen your case that across all platforms. That is correct. Will you can and follow me on twitter at Joe Cage. Okay on Instagram at joke. Hey why don't you do favor. Subscribe to US and Apple. PODCAST that rate in review US give us five stars only would also love that. We've gotten some very nice reviews. Recently thank you for those. It really helps us to get reviews at helps in like the algorithm and in that kind of Shit for us to pick up more listeners to be seen and heard that all anybody really wants if you review as he would mean a a lot to us if you leave a review because of this episode suggest what I should have changed my name to before it was too late I was gonNA say maybe Chase dynamite office and maybe double bonus if you think. That's what I should have changed names to do. I thought of chased dynamite wells. Looking at Kristen's is so maybe that's what was going on. I think he might Lloyd for the logo used to Kim for the music. They could enjoy the equipment. figured a chat Briggs Dave shilling for lettings record in the home that I share with them and as always thinking Pantheon podcast hosting us. That will do it for this week to see next week. What we're talking about? I don't know I have. I have no. I have an idea that come next week. I'm joke as I'm concerned and Saturday. He cares.

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