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Remember president. Trump's travel ban. It's been a while right but the travel ban is back in fact it just got an update. So it's going to go into effect. Starting February twenty-second which is next Saturday. It got kind of buried in the news cycle a few weeks ago. But now it's it's really for real Nicole colne array covers immigration of. Vox and she's been covering travel ban. Two point six new countries are on the list me and Mar Maria Kirghistan Nigeria Goria Sudan and Tanzania are now being added but the restrictions differ by country and only affect people trying to permanently immigrate to the US rather than all all travellers. Okay so what exactly will it mean for people from Myanmar Era Nigeria Sudan Tanzania immigrants from Kurdistan Stan Myanmar Eritrea and Nigeria will no longer be able to obtain green cards or visas that provide a path to green card but they will be able to come to the US on temporary temporary visas including those for foreign workers tourists and students. The proclamation also bars citizens of those countries as well as Sudan and Tanzania from participating. What's called the diversity visa lottery? It was introduced in Nineteen eighty-six. That's a program that trump has been trying to dismantle title for years and under that program fifty thousand applicants from countries with low levels of immigration to the. US are selected at random to be offered green cards but refugees fugees and existing visa holders won't be affected so what's the reason. President trump is giving for expanding his so-called travel ban. We have to be safe. Our country country has to be safe. You see what's going on in the world. Our country has to be saved so we have a very strong travel ban and we'll be adding a few countries to so the administration nations says it wants these countries to meet the US's security standards which include a sharing information with US authorities and Interpol on criminals and terrorists wrists as well as issuing electronic passports in an effort to deter fraud. They basically want to prevent terrorists and other criminals from entering the US. And how real is the threat of terrorism from these six countries. The thing is most of these countries are dealing with various forms of internal threats. That don't necessarily posed an immediate threat to the American public. Let's take Boko Haram. The Islamic militant group in and Nigeria for example. It's been known to conduct deadly suicide. Bombings kidnappings generalize violence. There are some concerns among national security experts that the group's ties to Islamic state could mean that it could start directing attacks the US and that's particularly given Nigeria strong economic and automatic ties to the US but the thing is even if that turns out to be true. These new restrictions from the trump administration which are just blocking permanent. Immigrants aren't aren't going to stop terrorists. Terrorists could still theoretically come to the US on a visitor visa so it's not clear why.

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