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Everyone for listening to this episode of page to stage to keep up with us you can find on instagram and facebook. Page to stage podcast. And if you're enjoying these conversations we would really appreciate it if you can take a couple minutes to rate and review us wherever you're listening to this podcast until next time. That's brian that's mary. We'll see you later bye. Hey this is mo- brady. And they just want to say for listening to broadway podcast network if you enjoyed this episode. I encourage you to listen to the ensemble list where we look into the lives and careers of the talented artists. Working in theatre ensemble. 's we go from the serious breaking down what it means to be a swing or an understudy to the very silly recapping episodes of tony telecasts. Fosse verdon and smash you can find episodes of the ensemble est wherever you listen to podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify or at our home on broadway podcast network. Bp n. dot fm slash. The ensemble est as the curtain rises. Broadway's i ever behind the curtain soap opera with a star studded cast including alex brightman ashley. Park al-riyadah dubose. James monroe aigle heart. Michael yuri sarah styles. Andrew feldman lilius. White leslie margarita..

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