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Store for details. Thirty six off the clock. But now facing a third at long last time they face down on the Georgia goal. I like this. Same elegant ran for a touchdown. Again. We have yet to see and that's partially because they're giving safety help over the top. But so far just one target to college Johnson was too tall. Good make the cash, but this is a part of the field where he really shines. If you can isolate him in the corner of the endzone at six foot six go up and try to make a play what an answer even if they get a field goal. It's a solid answer from the Georgia. Touchdown, but you could come away and match the touchdown. That would be used with less than five and a half to go here, Georgia. We'll get the ball to start the second half. They Jordan Humphrey the leading pass catcher for taxes. Four catches for thirty nine yards. And yes, Colin Johnson yet to catch a pass Sam L nine of twelve for eighty six yards and Forsell Jordan Humphrey, the one trip play in the option twelve back telling her. So now Lawrence face third down and twelve. Seventeen. You're in the first half of ever been throughout at six on third down. Texas will send three receivers out wide. Right. Here's the boundary. Devon Ukrainian slops on. Right. Little Jordan Humphry tight in short. Get split left is Colleen Johnson. Running back offset side of Sam taxes snap it from the Georgia seventeen yard line on four and twelve with five twenty seven to go here in the first half. Niagara looking over the bulldog defense relaying instructions to his teammates. Sam back in the shot down and twelve let's look. Drew back. Eligible snap sets up a screened over the blocker in front. He entree fifteen and down to the thirteen yard lines. Only. Yard catch and run at Georgia justed quickly to it. And it'll bring up four as the BULLDOGS wants more rounded, Adam Anderson and outside linebacker on the tackle walkers will try to get three more out of it with K for Dicker coming on for another field goal. Try seen that Georgia's speed out on the edge and that time. Yeah. Albany Anderson got out to try to spring Chianti anger. But too many BULLDOGS surrounding Chianti Ingram thicker hit a thirty seven yard or early in the ballgame now missile be thirty yard put down at the twenty five. Who holds Ryan? But chef skin Justin mater. Magnolia the snap. Good snap and hold thirty yard field goal. Try is good and Cameron Dicker adds three more taxes. So with seven to go in the first half Patel, Texas, twenty Georgia's seven Texas the ball will be back after these messages on the log would I g radio network. You might not know everyone in your community. But if you did you'd see that people in.

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