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Jiminy is the story of jim carrey and andy kaufman who never met i had coffins dead jim carries an actor jim carrey portrayed andy kauffman in mound the moon the meal osa forman film and this is a lot of exclusive behind the scenes footage courtesy of jim carrey who apparently commissioned somewhat to follow him around on set with a video camera actual direct will team yep and i mean a documentary today alec a little like a film crew for it end up that captured a law to behind the scenes stuff the movie almost entirely populated with behind the scenes footage and a little bit of like jim carrey talking to the talking ahead jim carey day nineunder ninetytwo percent like of onset itch m eighty five percent wife as a lot about occupy there's a lot of us he was a lot of jean charest which i quibble yes end there's a lot of yes and there is uh it's bothering jim carey talks a camera other jim carrey is talking with me in the fall on beer he's he's jim carrey of today what's interesting yes as the because of that because mitochondria then fox streaming on looks and it's like a time capsule film almost because it's jim carrey cracking open this can from twenty years ago and shown to the public for the first time factory showing in an all makes who makes me wonder the fact that they didn't show at right after a you know use it as like a i ride the wave that was the movie remain on the moon i think it was very smart because unless you ingested this the identically me dislike jim carey even more than ireland did let me let me just before we get into it mathea fear eyes so annette flex has kind of.

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